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Serving in Faith

Room 5 have been busy showing service in our community this term. We came up with some initiatives such as making strawberry jam to sell. The proceeds will go towards buying a chicken or goat [...]

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Preparing for the Olympics

Spring, spring, spring goes the springboard as I jumped off like a missile speeding through the air. I landed with a straight back, my arms by my side and my feet close together. [...]

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Room 5 Have Green Fingers

During Matariki, Room 5 began a small Inquiry about how plants grow. We learnt that Matariki is the perfect time to harvest winter crops and prepare the land for the spring. This lead [...]

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Room 5’s Pizzeria

  Pizza Cheesy, tasty Stretching, bubbling, crunching Heavenly snack Dinner By Havanna

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Wedding At Cana

Room 5 have been learning about the wonderful ways Jesus showed love and respect to others. One occasion was at the Wedding of Cana, where Jesus performed his first miracle. We got to [...]

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Bubble Buddies

Pop! Pop! Pop! Room 5 and 8 were exploring bubbles. I like how the bubbles floated away like fish swimming away. Everyone was laughing because they put their straw in the mixture and [...]

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Mother’s Day Similes

She’s nice, my mum! My mum can roar like a lion. She can stomp like a giant. She can hug me all day. My mum is funny like a clown. My mum is a Supermum! [...]

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Room 5’s Dance Academy

This term, we have been sharing and talking about our gifts. These gifts empower us and help us to serve others. For the past few weeks, we have been learning to share our gifts through [...]

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