Artist: Henriata Nicholas



The figure is Mother Mary, our Lady Star of the Sea, Stella Maris, Stella Matutina and her child, Jesus.



The red cross represents Jesus our Saviour to whom all else leads, and who leads all people to God. Four spirits wrap around the cross, symbolising the four winds, which connect us from all four corners of the world to our school’s mission of personal and spiritual growth.


unnamedThe school star, or Stella Maris is depicted as a flower upon Mary’s hair. The star was the first star or morning star that helped sailors navigate, and points the way to God.


unnamedGreen rolling hills, a characteristic of Aotearoa, forms the korowai/cloak that Mary wears, linking her to this land.


unnamedThe background represents the sea. It signifies the way our ancestors travelled to this land, and the future journey of our children as they carve out their own path in this world.


unnamedWoven criss crosses depict a poutama/stairway to heaven. This pattern talks about our personal achievements and learning as we strive to achieve our goals.


unnamedThe feathers represent each student writing their own life story, forging their own life path and forming a community of valuable citizens of this land.