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You can contact anyone in our school by email using this protocol.

Senior Management

Louise Campbell
Louise CampbellPrincipal
Detta Fairweather
Detta FairweatherDeputy Principal | DRS
Karen Noble-Campbell
Karen Noble-CampbellYear 5 - 6 Team Leader
Denise Bailey
Denise BaileyYear 3 - 4 Team Leader
Lee Marten
Lee MartenYear 1 - 2 Team Leader
Sue Yandell
Sue YandellExecutive Officer

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Junior School Classroom Teachers

Karen Waters
Karen WatersRoom 2 | Year 1
Angela Lim (0.6)
Angela Lim (0.6)Room 3 | Year 1
Lorraine Duncan (0.4)
Lorraine Duncan (0.4)Room 3 | Year 1
Lesley Benjamin
Lesley BenjaminRoom 10| New Entrant
Michelle Barnett
Michelle BarnettRoom 7 | Year 2
Lee Marten
Lee MartenRoom 8 | Year 2
Shirley Johnston
Shirley JohnstonRoom 4 | Year 2

Middle School Classroom Teachers

Audrey Maratas
Audrey MaratasRoom 12 | Year 3
Brooke Curtain
Brooke CurtainRoom 16 | Year 3
Andrea Begunk
Andrea BegunkRoom 17 | Year 3
Denise Bailey
Denise BaileyRoom 13 | Year 4
Tracey Elder
Tracey ElderRoom 14| Year 4
Zahira Salejee
Zahira SalejeeRoom 15 | Year 4

Senior School Classroom Teachers

Karen Noble-Campbell
Karen Noble-CampbellRoom 18 | Year 5/6
Kendall Evans
Kendall EvansRoom 19 | Year 5/6
Jill McClenaghan
Jill McClenaghanRoom 20 | Year 5/6
Leanne Newlynn
Leanne NewlynnRoom 19 | Year 5/6
Ruth Holt
Ruth HoltRoom 22 | Year 5/6
Catherine Sheffield
Catherine SheffieldRoom 23 | Year 5/6

Specialist Teachers

Barry Vernon
Barry VernonLiteracy Specialist (0.8)
Joan Stevens
Joan StevensReading Recovery (0.4)
Jane McKay
Jane McKayEnglish Language Learning Specialist
Nevani Evenson
Nevani EvensonSpecial Needs Teacher
Bronwyn Bell
Bronwyn BellLibrarian

Release Teachers

Cindy Stewart
Cindy Stewart
Linda Priestley
Linda Priestley
Rebecca Sentch
Rebecca Sentch

Admin Support Staff

Anne-Marie Doyle
Anne-Marie DoyleSecretarial
Maria Bryant
Maria BryantEnrolment | Registration Administrator
Sanny Wiranata
Sanny WiranataReceptionist
Ken Baird
Ken BairdCaretaker
Lorraine Brooke
Lorraine BrookeGrounds

Academic Support Staff

Jan Botherway
Jan BotherwayEnglish Language Assistant
Maria Allan
Maria AllanLearning Assistant
Jane Cole
Jane ColeLearning Assistant
Petra Fsadni
Petra FsadniLearning Assistant
Anne-Marie Harvey
Anne-Marie HarveyLearning Assistant
Andrea MacGregor
Andrea MacGregorLearning Assistant
Maree Presnall
Maree PresnallLearning Assistant
Marie Brooke
Marie BrookeLearning Assistant