Memorial Garden

We   have   created   a Memorial   Garden within   our school Sabbath   Space. The purpose of  this garden is to help us  sustain the memory of those that  we love but have died and gone to  be with God. Remember sustaining means  keeping something alive or keeping a memory  alive. We want the memory of those we love  to always be in our hearts. School is a place  where we spend a lot of our time and so we want  the memory of our loved ones to be here with us, as  we work and play. The Memorial Garden has beautiful  flowers and plants, which will be a joy for us to smell and  look at. There is a small brass plaque and a new sculpture reminding  us that this particular garden is in remembrance of those who have died  and are now in the arms of Jesus. A Memorial Book has been purchased  for recording the names of those members of our school community who have   gone before us. This book will be included in our school and class liturgies  at appropriate times to honour the memory of our loved ones. Families who would   like to have names entered into our school Memorial Book are welcome to complete  the  form and return it to the school office.  Memorial Garden pdf