In consultation with the Police, Manukau City Council, B.O.T., P.T.A., and staff representatives, the following diagram and instructions has been decided upon.

Chapel Road












  • is to ENTER from Orangewood Drive, via Oakridge Way and EXIT Stella Maris (as indicated by ) so
  • that children do not have to cross the road
  • parking is available along all three of the above named streets
  • is to exit Stella Maris TOWARD Meadowlands direction
  • is to use the roundabout after exiting Stella Maris to change direction back toward Botany Downs – it takes an extra ninety seconds!


  • Will exit and enter school grounds via the Oakridge Way and Stella Maris.

School Parking Area

  • is to be a bus bay only
  • is for staff car parking
  • is for agencies and visitors