Results from today’s School Cross Country.

Year 1 Girls Year 1 Boys
1st Carla Shaw

2nd Mya Hillerby

3rd Maria Sandoval

1st Jackson Lawrence

2nd Luke Stewart

3rd Cruz Smith

Year 2 Girls Year 2 Boys
1st Adele Jablonski

2nd Maddy Roger

3rd Harper Williams

1st Charlie Bongiovanni

2nd Tristan Devey

3rd Clevon Fernando

Year 3 GirlsYear 3 Boys
1st Isobella Evans

2nd Hannah Baek

3rd Tamia Tavita-Falesiu

1st Eric Xue

2nd Charlie Faulkner

3rd Caleb Hooper

Year 4 Girls Year 4 Boys
1st Carla Lin

2nd Ruby Burnnand

3rd Chloe Kendrick-Jones

1st Luke McLaughlin

2nd Nathan Lo

3rd Rafael Smith

Year 5 Girls Year 5 Boys
1st Havanna Smith

2nd Madison Beagley

3rd Samantha Bongiovanni

1st Liam Martin

2nd Zion Bidois

3rd Nico Taurima

Year 6 Girls Year 6 Boys
1st Tayla Kay

2nd Lydia Ellis

3rd Helena Brinker

1st Ryan Smeath

2nd Matthew Mills

3rd Luke Preisig

Congratulations to all of our runners. We are very proud of you.

Those who have qualified for the HPPA interschool competition will be notified.