Dear Families,

Welcome to our fourth newsletter of this term.

We have had a very busy and exciting couple of weeks since our last newsletter, much of which you will have seen in the ‘Online News’ tab on our website and at Our Lady Star of the Sea Facebook page. It is my pleasure to share with you a taste of all that is happening at our school here in our newsletter.

Confirmation and First Communion

It was with great pride that many family members and supporters enjoyed seeing lots of our students Confirmed by Bishop Patrick Dunn last Friday night and make their First Communion over the course of last weekend. We join families and friends in congratulating our students on their further initiation into the Catholic Church, which started at their Baptism and concludes with the sacrament of Holy Communion, making these young people full active members of our Church. Congratulations to the following children: Zion Bidois, Samantha Bongiovanni, Elsa Cai, Alissa Yan Chen, William Chen, Gabriella Clifford, Holly Currie, Luke Dougherty, Luca Dreaver, Tyler Dreaver, Billie Jean Erihe, Charlotte Erihe, Annaleise Farmer, Natalie Feng, Dora Finau, Kyle Hui, Amelia Hunt, Kristian Jelavic, RuiQi Jiang, Stefan Kozina, Alexis Kumitau, Connor Kumitau, Amane Kuok, Athena Luo, Amelia Luo, Rachel Ly, Sophia Makoare, Liam Martin, Rachel Melville, Matthew Mills, Lola Penfold, Samantha Poon, Kasey Poon, Luke Preisig, Jake Preisig, Amber Riki, Dylan Samasoni, Symara Samuel, Natalia Sandoval, Nyall Serrao, Keena So, Ava Marie Spencer, Toby Stewart, Cooper Telfer, Ava-Lily Wilkinson, Payton Williams and Austin Yao.


Book Week

Last week’s Book Week was a huge success! Our children enjoyed listening to and being inspired by author/illustrator John Carr and author Desmond Hunt.


        John Carr                             Des Hunt

These two gifted New Zealand writers also ran small group workshops on illustration and writing. There was the sharing of favourite stories by staff in different classes across the school and a fabulous pyjama day where children and staff alike wore their pyjamas for the day, sharing and enjoying favourite books. The last day of our Book Week was very special with the launch of David Riley’s book Yvette Williams Leaping Into History. This book launch was extra special as Yvette’s Great Grandchild Kobi has started as a pupil at our school. This connection saw Yvette’s daughter Karen and son Neville come along to be part of the launch. 

I would like to sincerely thank Bronwyn Bell our librarian and Jane McKay our Information Centre Lead and their team for their efforts at arranging a fabulous week of fun book related activities for our learners.

This week we have had the Scholastic Book Fair in the Information Centre. It is great to see such interest in this opportunity to stock up on rich reading material both for home and for school. I would like to thank all of the parents who have given their time working at the book fair across the course of this week

Passion Projects

Our Passion Projects began last Wednesday with many excited children trying something new for the first time. There was a huge buzz as children shared their new learning with enthusiasm afterwards. Although a number of the activities were challenging for our learners, there was lots of positivity around trying something new and giving a previously unknown task their best effort. The anticipation of our second session this week was tangible with lots of children looking forward with excitement at what the next session will have in store for them. We are grateful to the parents who have given their time to come along and run passion project groups and to our teachers who have thought outside the square when it comes to the development of activities that could spark a passion in our learners. We know that well being can be maintained and enhanced when our children are engaged in an activity that they are passionate about, so our aim is to positively impact the well being of our children as a result of this initiative.

Parent, Teacher, Student Conferences

Yesterday we held our mid-year Parent, Teacher, Student Conferences. It is pleasing to see so many of our families using this opportunity to meet with their child’s teacher about their learning so far this year. Feedback has been positive about this experience and we anticipate that the learning conversations against the mid year reports will have been insightful and helpful.

Book Club Rest Term 3

With the Gala collection plan set up for Term 3 (more information to come) we will rest the Scholastic Book Club over that time. This is in response to the concern that families may feel additional pressure to purchase items from the book club while contributing to the Gala  call-out weekly plan.

As we head into the final two weeks of this term, we acknowledge that winter sure has arrived with lots of coughs and colds around. We are very appreciative of families that support the school by keeping their children at home if they are unwell. In doing so fellow children and our teachers have a better chance of remaining in good health and able to give their very best at school.

We have had lots of exciting learning opportunities for our students as noted above in the last two weeks. Today we hosted a Chess competition for local schools in our hall and our J1 Netball team played. Earlier in the week our U45 and U35 Rugby Teams and school football team have continued their interschool competitions amongst many other fun learning experiences. Our fabulous PTA sausage sizzle yesterday saw lots of happily fed children which is such a treat at this time of year, with thanks to Nicole and her team.

Looking ahead to next week we look forward to the start of the celebration of Matariki, the Maori New Year from June 25 to July 3rd. We also welcome the Play House Theatre company performing the Tortoise and the HareThe cost for this visiting performance is covered by your general purpose contribution, as noted in your Board’s letter at the beginning of this year. This enables you to claim a tax rebate on the cost of this visiting performance as part of your general purpose contributions, with the added bonus of not needing to send in any additional sum of money at this time of the year. We are also looking forward to having children participate in the Hockey Field Day, HPPA Writers Quiz and welcoming new parents and established parents to a PTA afternoon tea on Friday 28th June from 1.45pm until pick up time at 2.45pm. 

Keep looking at the ‘Online News’ section of our website for updates and images of events that are happening across the week, as well as our school facebook page. Each Friday evening you will continue to receive an email with our events sheet for the week as well as a prompt to take a further look at ‘Online News’ just in case you missed anything.

Wishing you all a safe and blessed fortnight ahead until our next newsletter.

Ngā mihi nui

Louise Campbell



We have entered the Church’s season of Ordinary time. At mass, you will notice the priest wearing green and the tabernacle clothed in green. In the classrooms the green candle and altar cloths are being used. Green is a symbol of growth. Ordinary time is a time of growth. It is an extra -ordinary time. It is a time to notice things in creation and learn from them. For example, regardless of the ebb and flow of the oceans’ tides, the ocean is always there. Similarly, God is always here with us, no matter what.  Ordinary time is a time to focus on growing our relationship with God. We can do this in many simple ways.

Through what we notice in creation. The beauty of the bird song? The crispness of a winter’s morning? The seasonal changes around us?

Through noticing the signs or symbols we have at home that are constant reminders of our faith.  A family cross or statue? A holy picture? A prayer table?

Through spending time together as a family. A shared meal, joke or story? Watching sport or a movie together? Listening to music together? Chatting?

Through the simple daily rituals at home. Karakia before meals or prayer at bedtime? Sharing a bible story or daily reflection at night? A family debrief at the end of day?

Ordinary time is a time of growth. Simple things like those mentioned above help to grow our children’s awareness of God as creator as well as grow their relationship with God – and with family too. It sounds Ordinary but actually, it can be ‘extra-Ordinary.’

The temperature has dropped. Winter is here. Collectively we are enjoying the warmth of our homes and comfort of our beds. Our parish St Vincent de Paul group is seeking donations of bedding in good condition  – blankets, duvets, comforters, linen – to support those who are struggling with inadequate housing warmth or shelter. If you are able to help with this please drop your donations to either the parish or school office.


You are invited to join our Parish Alpha programme starting with dinner on Friday evening, 5th July.

The Alpha programme helps us to re examine our understandings of Christianity. It helps us to grow our own faith, an understanding of who Jesus really is, and how this is a reality in our own lives. More information is on our parish website . You can sign up through the website. This will help Fr Terry to know how many potatoes to peel!


Mea ana te atawhai haere mai i runga i te aroha me te awhi

Mercy invites us to love and to care

Prayer Intention:    God of Wisdom and Understanding, we pray you give us the courage to seek answers to our own faith questions in order to come to know you more.

Detta Fairweather

Director of Religious Studies  



Thank you to those who are thinking about sponsorship for our gala – it is a great way to advertise local businesses – see the sponsorship formula as advertised (below). Please email [email protected] to be in touch.

Start putting aside items to contribute to the wonderful stalls which we will have on the day (Clothing and Linen, Books, DVDs, Gift Baskets, Toys, Near New, Cakes, White Elephant…) – we will call for items from the start of Term 3 – more information to come by the end of this term.




Thank you for your support with our ‘Math-a-thon’.  The children have all been tested in class this week and will bring home their results and sponsorship forms today.

Please send your forms and money back to school by Friday 5 July.  We do have an online option for payment.


Please use child’s name and room number as a Reference.   If using the online option please send form back to the class teacher.

On Friday 5 July the first Junior, Middle, Senior classes to have their money and forms back will have ice blocks for morning tea.


Price $70 ($14 profit to school)

View deals  in the Entertainment Book before you purchase – you won’t believe what you can save!!
If you wish to PURCHASE either a digital membership or an Entertainment Book (book format) please CLICK LINK       Books can also be purchased from the school office.


‘Yvette Williams Leaping into history’ book launch

Last Friday, we were lucky to host a very special occasion – the launch of a new book by David Riley about local hero Dame Yvette Corlett (nee Williams).

Of special significance was her family connection with our school with great grandson Kobi starting in Room 10 recently. It was lovely to welcome Yvette’s daughter Karen and son Neville, along with the author and his illustrator Chad Robertson, to our school.

Highlights included Karen sharing a speech her mother made to her old school Otago Girls High School encouraging children to be successful, and also Mrs McKay and Kobi measuring the distance Yvette jumped to secure her Olympic gold medal in 1952 – 6.24 metres, which everyone realised is a very long way!




Under 45kg Rugby

Congratulations to our Under 45kg rugby team who took part in their first pool games of the season last week.

Results were:

OLSOS vs Howick – win to OLSOS 21-0

OLSOS vs Mellons Bay  – loss to OLSOS 0-40

OLSOS vs Pakuranga Heights – Win to OLSOS 26-7

The team played together well all games covering each other and playing with real OLSOS spirit. Our next round of pool games is the 3rd of July.

Under 35kg rugby

Our Under 35kg rugby team played St Marks on Thursday at school. A great game was had by all.

Result was:

OLSOS vs St Marks – win to OLSOS 40-0 



Congratulations to Marina Chen who successfully placed 3rd in the Basic Novice Lady Division for ice skating in the Hollins Trophy Competition held in Sydney recently.  She has now qualified for the NZIFSA (New Zealand Ice Figure Skating Association) A Team squad to compete for international competitions.   Well done Marina!!



Head Held High – Speech and Drama lessons (Term 3)

We are very pleased to be continuing our Head Held High Speech and Drama programme at Our Lady Star of the Sea School in Term 3. The lessons are held on Wednesdays during school time.
Head Held High speech and drama lessons are a wonderful way to build character, confidence and communication skills, and lessons include public speaking skills, acting skills, reading aloud, body language, vocal skills, manners, building self-esteem and confidence. Importantly, all lessons are designed to be as fun, interactive, and imaginative as possible.
Lessons come highly recommended, students enjoy and get a lot out of them! In the words of a current student, “Head Held High lessons are awesome. I’m much more confident about speaking in front of people than I was. The teachers are really fun.”
If you have any questions, or for information about how to book a free trial lesson, please contact Janita; [email protected]


Studying Theology at the University of Otago

The Theology Programme at the University of Otago offers many opportunities for the study of Theology, Church History, Ministry, Biblical Studies, and Pastoral Theology, both on-campus and to many students across Aotearoa New Zealand through its successful distance study programme. We are committed to serving Christian communities throughout the country.

Semester 2 starts on July 8th and new enrolments are due by June 25th.

For details of papers go to:         To enrol go to

School Holiday Programmes …..




 CLICK LINK TO book or view holiday programme online