Dear Families

On the 24th September every year, Sisters of Mercy and their friends around the world celebrate Mercy Day. This is the day on which Catherine McAuley first opened the House of Mercy in Ireland and dedicated it to Our Lady of Mercy.

This is a day to celebrate all the wonderful work Sisters of Mercy and their friends do around the world.

The Mercy Sisters hold a special part in our school history:

In 1925, Bishop Cleary invited the Sisters of Mercy to open an Orphanage in Granger Road. He had bought a large property in Granger Road, Howick. For over 30 years the Sisters of Mercy ran the Star of the Sea orphanage in Auckland. There were up to 80 girls living at the orphanage. The Sisters ran the school for the orphans and also the local Catholic children.

As a school we held our Mercy Day on Thursday 26 September and began with a special liturgy led by Miss Lee Marten, Mrs Robyn Fromont and their students. During the day it was wonderful to see all the ‘Acts of Mercy’ happening across the classes.

Prayer was at the heart of everything Catherine McAuley did.

She said that we should …..”pray fervently and constantly….

Prayer is a plant, the seed of which is sown at the heart of every Christian, but its growth depends on the care we take to nourish it

Thank you to all our school families for your support over this term.

We wish you a fun and relaxed holiday and we look forward to seeing everyone back at school on Monday 15 October, ready for an exciting Term 4.

On Tuesday 16 October we look forward to welcoming Mrs Louise Campbell, our new Principal. Our Powhiri and Liturgy will begin at 10.30am in the school hall. 

Ngā mihi nui

Sue Kubala
Acting Principal




October is the month of the Rosary. Throughout October we will gather in the school hall on Mondays, Wednesdays and Friday mornings, to pray together one decade of the Rosary. All are welcome. The Rosary is a simple prayer, a prayer we say together with Our Lady. It tells the story of Jesus’ life in four parts:

Joyful Mysteries focus on Jesus’ birth and early life;

The Sorrowful Mysteries focus on His suffering and death;                  

The Glorious Mysteries focus on Jesus’ resurrection and the promise of heaven;

The Luminous Mysteries focus on His ministry here on earth.

Many Catholics have memories of saying the Rosary as a family during their childhood. Gifting children with memories of family prayer time is a beautiful thing. It is a strong sign of faith and hope. Your children could lead your family prayer time at home in a similar way.

Mufti Day

Caritas Aotearoa New Zealand is the NZ Catholic Bishops’ agency for justice, peace and development. Caritas works with communities and to support people in need. Last weeks Mufti Day raised $570 which will go towards their work.

‘A Little Bit of Thought can mean a LOT!’

The Mercy Day liturgy reminded us to go beyond the everyday initial actions of kindness and compassion to follow through and look for exceptional ways to help others, going beyond what we normally do. Thanks to rooms 4 and 8 for leading the way. Students were involved in many acts of Mercy. Activities ranged from baking cookies to fundraise for the Riding for Disabled programme; baking muffins for the elderly; inviting the community in for a cup of tea; cleaning up the environment; spreading joy through cards, balloons and paper flowers. The spirit of Mercy lives in our school.

Sacramental Programme

Enrolments for the parish based Sacramental Programme for children 7 years of age or in Year 3 close Sunday 21 October. Application forms are available on the Parish Website   the school website and in the church foyer. Completed enrolment forms are to be left in the ‘drop box’ by the door of the parish centre.

Kia hari koa, ka uru tera wairua ki tena ki tena

Be cheerful and happy, generating life in those around you

Prayer Intention:   We pray we come to recognise God’s life giving presence in our daily lives.

Detta Fairweather




Dear Community

Your children may have come home this week and told you about the new play equipment that popped up around the school over the weekend. These are the first tangible products of our learning through play programme and judging by the reaction of our children on Monday morning, they are an exciting addition to our playground. Your Board would like to express its thanks to everyone who came to the working bee last Saturday and gave their time to fit out our loose parts shed, and create the kitchens, gardens, huts, stepping logs and bivouacs that you can see dotted around our School. Your Board will continue to add more play equipment around our School grounds over the coming year.

Your Board met for the final time this term last Tuesday. The most important item on the agenda was the covered outdoor learning area (COLA) / archgola. Your Board has obtained two quotes for the construction of a COLA over the lower netball court and we are awaiting some further information from both of COLA companies before deciding which company to engage. We hope to have decided on a preferred company before the end of next month with a view to having the COLA installed and ready for the first day of school next year.

Your Board has also received our final Catholic Special Character Review Report from the Diocese and have posted this on our website. Sue and Detta have shared highlights from the Report with you in previous newsletters. We have posted the final Report on our website so if you would like to read it in full you can access it here: 

Your Board is very pleased with the Report: with the reviewers’ conclusion highlighting what our School is all about:

“The School’s leadership, committed staff, strong connection with the Parish and supportive families provide a nuturing environment for children who love coming to school. They focus on the whole child, spiritually, emotionally, physically, culturally and academically. The students at Our Lady Star of the  School are encouraged to strive for excellence.

The senior students interviewed by the reviewers were living testament that the school is achieving what the community aspires to in their Vision statement. The School provides many opportunities for each child to have a genuine and ongoing encounter with Christ, to grow in knowledge and understanding of Christ’s teaching and to live a life of witness within the Catholic Church.” [Page 13 of the Report].

Your Board would like to thank Detta, the leadership team, the teaching team and our support team for their outstanding efforts that have resulted in an exceptional outcome.

Finally, your Board would like to wish you all a safe and restful holiday. We will see you all at our powhiri and liturgy to welcome our new principal, Louise Campbell, at 10:30 a.m. on the first Tuesday of next term (16 October 2018).

Nga mihi nui ki a koutou.

Stephen McKenzie

Chair, on behalf of your Board of Trustees



Today Room 11 listened to the story:  Jesus is Coming

We were inspired to write and here are two of our wonderful psalms:
Thank you for our animals wild and tame, big and small.
Thank you for the flowers and trees that toss in the breeze.
Thank you for our moon that comes out at night and the sun that brightens up our day.
Thank you for the rainbows that lead to treasure.
Thank you for the grass with dew all over.
Thank you for the love that never stops.  You are so great and good O Lord.

By Payton Williams


Shimmering rainbows crowned over God’s head.
Watch the butterflies come fluttering gracefully ahead.
Look at the flowers bloom and sway in the breeze.
Pick the fruit from the beautiful tree’s.
Spot the stars shimmering next to the moon and listen to the owls while they softly hoot.
Listen to the birds while singing their beautiful and calming songs and listen to the animals singing along.  Now go down to where creatures lie because this is all God’s creation.
Now watch as the amazing sun rises.

By Anaiah Smith



EPro8 Competition

On Thursday of Week 9 I had the absolute joy of taking 12 students to Somerville Intermediate for the EPro8 Competition. This is the third year that we have entered students into this Engineering and Innovation Competition, and we were lucky enough to be able to enter three teams.

Two students from each of our senior classes were chosen by their teachers, and grouped into teams of four. The competition is based on Engineering, and includes elements of Physics, Mathematics and Collaboration.

This year we took: Thomas Martin, Braithe Vessey, Connie Lazarte-Simic, Matthew Calder, Felix Hawker, Matea Timmermans, Lucy Street, Luke McEnteer, Elise Wall, Cameron Motion, Jade Sugiharto and Jason Cooper.

I was incredibly impressed with the way that the teams worked together – they showed teamwork and collaboration, listened to each others ideas, were patient with each other, and just generally worked really well as teams.

All teams did really well, but we were especially proud of our Silver Stars team (Thomas, Elise, Jade and Luke), who came in Third Equal, and will be going to the finals soon.

Well done to everyone involved – you were awesome!

 Working Bee

What an amazing day Saturday was! A huge big “Thank You” to the families that helped out at our recent working bee – your efforts around our school, for our students, was incredible.

We managed to sand and paint our new Loose parts container, create an amazing play space behind rooms 1-3 along with some invitations to play on our lower court in the form of pretend kitchens and little digging/exploring gardens. On the top field an amazing fairy garden was begun as well as the construction of a very cool bivouac/ shelter and some pallet huts. Some bright inviting colour was added to the junior playground and a marble wall was begun.

The purpose of the event was to create some more inviting interesting types of play spaces to allow all students to have opportunities to collaborate, communicate and learn through play.

Classes will be able to use these spaces during the school day to provide learning experiences and students will be able to utilise many of the spaces at break times at well.

This work is being done in conjunction with your board’s initiative of creating more inviting play spaces and encouraging more play based learning within the school.

A huge “thank you” to Mr Kevin Brooke who donated a lot of the paint that was used along with the Hooper and Lee families who provided much of the wood. Matt and Stephanie Chamberlin were initiators of many of the play spaces and also managed to source much of the play equipment and structures through some very creative upcycling! Bunnings in Burswood were also amazing and incredibly generous with donations of garden edging, paint, shovels, paint brushes and many many strawberry plants along with about an hour and a half of their time!

Thank you again to each and every one of you, adults and students alike, who gave up your time in the weekend to benefit the students of our school. It was an honour to work alongside you all.

Take a look at the amazing shots that were captured on the day! Hopefully others in our community will be able to help us out at our next working bee!

Catholic Schools Chess Tournament 

A great day was had by all. Congratulations to all of the students who participated. The games were challenging and each student’s chess skills improved as did their enjoyment of the game. Many thanks to the parents who supported us with transporting the team to and from St Pauls in Massey.


On Tuesday the 25th of September four keen and eager mathematicians headed to Sunnyhills Primary school to take part in the HPPA Mathex Competition. These students have been practising all year during maths classes and have improved their ability to tackle tricky word problems through the art of collaboration and problem solving. The participants were Flynn O’Kane, Sofia Bryan, Preston Tee and Wesley Lau. Thankfully their nerves did not get the better of them and every student did their bit to contribute to the team.

At the end of the competition we were tied for first place against Pigeon Mountain Primary.  Unfortunately we lost the tie breaker but were thrilled to walk away with second place.

APPA Tagalog Competition

Wenzel Bueno and Dominique Galvez were selected to take part in the APPA Tagalog speech last week at St Mark’s parish centre and both represented our school very well.  Congratulations to them both.




We have developed a carousel on our Information Centre catalogue home page highlighting our Parent Choice collection of books.

Click here!dashboard to go to the information centre catalogue

Click  to go to the Information Centre home page on our school website – from there you can access the link to our catalogue.

Have a look around at all the wonderful resources and information which students can access from here.

To join our database and borrow a book, please email Mrs Bell [email protected]


Image result for photolife nz


Parents can now can access, view and order your child’s photo online. The online system works off each student’s name, giving you an individual shoot key to view and order photographs.

The shoot key is going home today with your child.

The “Free Delivery” deadline is Midnight Sunday, 28 October 2018.




Lower entry to school  –  Please do not to park on yellow lines or block the school entrance.  Off duty Police have talked with several parents this week.




Congratulations to Jason Cooper from Room 18 who competed in the Pukekohe Raceway Kids Obstacle Duathlon on Wednesday the 26th of September. Jason was entered into the competition by his father but he represented our school on the day. The event required Jason to do a road run, cycle, and complete a cross country run. Jason gave his absolute best on the day and are proud to announce that, for the second year in a row, he won the Year 5 event.

What a Star student Jason  –  well done!!




–   G  A  L  A      N E W S   – 

GALA    Saturday 3 November 10 a.m. – 2p.m. 



We are collecting  …   JOLLY JARS

Our school Gala will be on Saturday 3 November 10 a.m. – 2p.m.     Watch out for school links notices for updates.

The container will be open from 2:15-3:15pm on Fridays during Term 3 and also specific weekend dates in October and November. 

Please DO NOT take items to the school office or leave outside the container as they may get damaged by the weather.  Please watch for further information to be announced on school links and Facebook.

If you have larger items, the container will be open on weekends later in the term. Please contact Carmen Hui 021-032-2590 or Jo Smal 021-212-7979 for more information.


Term Break

15-19 OCTOBER Jolly Jars

29 Oct – 2 Nov Baking and Fudge





Bell Times and Routines
8.30amHand Bell – children can enter class only if teacher in room
8.45amSchool Commences
8.45am – 9.00amPrayer
10.40am – 11.00amMorning Tea
12.30pm – 1.20pmLunch
2.45pmSchool Concludes


If you are held up and late for school please bring your child to the office first to sign in and then go to the classroom. After signing in, a slip is printed and the slip is required to be taken to the class teacher.

A reminder that children who catch the bus down to Sancta Maria College Campus in the afternoon need to be collected as soon as possible.  Some of our children are being left unsupervised for a length of time.



Drop off and pick up

Please be courteous to all when you are dropping your child off or picking them up after school.  We have been disappointed to hear that not everyone is showing respect to other parents. We all need to be good role models and at our school we do this through our shared values of Service, Respect, Courage, Resilience and Justice


If your child is absent from school for any reason you must either complete an online report an absence form or phone the office and leave a message or use the school website ‘Absence’ line. Please leave a specific reason for the absence i.e. if the child is sick please specify the sickness e.g. cold, vomiting etc. If the child is absent from school due to sickness for more than three days, a medical certificate is required. For any holiday or overseas travel please email our Acting Principal Mrs Sue Kubala at [email protected]

Car parking
Please be considerate when street parking near the school. We have received complaints from neighbours regarding parking across driveways.

When ordering online please make sure your child’s order has the correct room number as  a few lunches have gone to incorrect rooms.

Lost Property
The lost property cupboard is by Room 1 entrance. You are welcome to check this at any time as it is open all day.

Uniform shop
Open every Thursday 8.30 – 9.00 a.m. and 2.30-3 p.m. (during school term)

Before and Afterschool care – 021837977 for bookings

Lunch Menu Update – Tuckshop
For our Lunch Menu for the tuck shop. Please see ‘LUNCHES’ under the Parent Information tab on website.


School Term Dates 2018
 Term 130.01.18   –   13.04.18
 Term 2 01.05.18   –   06.07.18
 Term 3 23.07.18  –  28.09.18
 Term 4 15.10.18   –   18.12.18



PLEASE NOTE all dates and events are SUBJECT TO CONFIRMATION via subsequent website newsletters

Welcome to Louise CampbellTUESDAY  16 OCTOBER 2018
NZ Shakeout DayTHURSDAY 18 OCTOBER 2018
PTA Sausage SizzleTHURSDAY 18 OCTOBER 2018



Helping Hands has been part of Our Lady Star of the Sea’s culture for quite some time.  It is where our school community comes together to help those in stressful situations i.e. a parent or grand parent being very ill, a family bereavement or a new born baby to the family.

We would like those in need to know we care!  If you would like to be a part of this wonderful group of caring people who are called upon once or twice a year to either make a meal, bake a cake, transport children to/from school or utilise your gardening skills please fill out the form (click the word ‘form’) and return to the office.   Please add your contact number.

As we all know – “we are in this together”.

If we can assist your family or if you hear of any family in our school community please let the office know.

Thank you

Helping Hands Team



Support Our Lady Star of the Sea School and you’ll be rewarded!

We are raising funds for our School and you can help. Order the NEW 2018 | 2019 Entertainment Book or Entertainment Digital Membership and you will receive hundreds of valuable offers for everything you love to do, and you will also be supporting our School.




HEAD HELD HIGH have a few vacancies for Term 4.   If you are interested please contact [email protected]



We are holding a fundraiser for our St Mark’s Life Teen Youth Group activities as well as helping the teens to go Life Teen Camp in January next year.   The movie, Paul the Apostle of Christ,  is about Paul’s last days while he is in prison, his conversion as told by Luke the apostle and the birth of the church.
Please note that this movie has a M rating with violent content and is for a mature audience above 16 years old. 
Date of movie: Sunday, 30 September
Time: 7.00pm
Place: Monterey Cinema, Howick
Cost: $20 (includes ticket + choice of soft drink, ice cream or pop corn)
I would be really grateful if you could support our youth group in this fundraiser. If you would like some tickets, please email me to reserve your tickets. [email protected]
God bless you and thank you for your prayers and support.  (Please do pass this email on to any of your friends and family who may be interested)


‘Parenting with Pio’ and ‘Attention’ WORKSHOPS coming to PARENTING PLACE

Kia ora,

Parenting with Pio
Well-loved entertainer Pio Terei shares practical parenting ideas on how to do family life in a way that really ‘clicks’, with a whole lot of heart-felt (and hilarious) stories along the way.Entry is by donation but to book your seat, please email RSVP here.

Thursday, 4 October, 7.30-9pm
Doors open at 7pm for hot drinks
300 Great South Road, Greenlane

Facebook page, here’s the link

Attention workshop
Join Adrienne Wood, a certified course facilitator with the Neufeld Institute to understand and become more equipped to help children with attention difficulties.

Monday, 29 October, 8.30am-4.30pm
Parenting Place 300 Great South Road, Greenlane

Facebook page here’s the link

For more events coming up, please see our term four calendar.

Join Auckland’s premier Irish Dance school; The Doyle Academy in Term 4.  
We have new classes for beginners of all ages – including your younger siblings and your mums and dads!  
Check us out on or contact Paula on (09) 2156805 or [email protected]





FLASH BANG SCIENCE CLUB are running children’s science workshops in Ellerslie, Pakuranga and Pukekohe during the holidays in Pukekohe. Workshops. Workshops are for children aged 7yrs – 12yrs.  For more information please check out:, email: [email protected] or phone 021 161 6412.


Seasons for Growth is a peer support program which assists people of all ages to understand and manage the changes they experience when a significant loss occurs. We are looking for volunteer Companions (adult facilitators) who would be willing to assist in the delivery of this program in schools and the community

A 2-day Companion Workshop will be held on     Monday 5th and Tuesday, 6th November, 2018

at                St Columba Centre, 40 Vermont Street,Ponsonby

                  10.00 ~ 4.00pm   (morning tea will be provided)

REGISTRATION IS ESSENTIAL      by Wednesday, 31st October 2018

To register or find out more about this program, contact:   Delia   09-360 3027, or [email protected]