On Tuesday we gathered as a full school for Mass, albeit a day early for the feast day of the ‘Assumption of Mary’. This feast day celebrates the Christian belief that God assumed the Virgin Mary into Heaven following her death.

We thank Father John and Father Terry for concelebrating Mass for us. Students and staff said the prayers and sang the songs with real heart.  

The reverence and respect the school shows when it gathers for prayer, liturgies and Masses and the presence of the symbols of the Catholic faith throughout the school is witness to a living spirituality – Catholic Special Character  External Review June 2018.

Thank you for your support on Wednesday with the teachers’ strike action. There was a huge turnout at the march in central Auckland and around the other main centres of New Zealand.
The president of the New Zealand Principals’ Federation quoted …

“The decision to take strike action is a serious one. It rests on the strong belief that the profession has been undervalued for a long time;  that the rejected pay offer would do nothing to lift the morale or status of the profession; and that the workforce shortages we are experiencing are in large part due to the inadequate pay rates and unrealistic expectations. In particular, meeting the needs of our severely challenged young people without the necessary support has become intolerable for many. If these problems are not addressed, we will be facing further workforce shortages in the future as it is becoming increasingly difficult to attract young people into teacher training.”


After School

It is great to see lots of parents gathering and chatting together after school. This is wonderful for building a stronger school community and getting to know one another.

We are asking that children who have parents with them, at the end of the school day, keep away from playing on the top court until after the buses leave. A few children have started playing and then they have missed lining up for their bus!

All children who do not have parents present with them after school, are to wait on the top court until their parent arrives to collect them. We wish to keep all our children safe.

After school duty from staff concludes at 3 p.m. 

Help Required

The PTA and gala committee are working very hard behind the scenes organising our annual gala which is to take place on Saturday 3 November. For this event to be successful many helpers are needed. As the saying goes,“ Many hands make light work.” If you’re able to assist in any way, please contact the school office and we’ll connect you with the gala crew.

Ngā mihi nui

Sue Kubala

Acting Principal



Me whakakā to wairua kia kite a iwi katoa

You should be a shining lamp, giving light to all around you

Catherine McAuley



The Feast of the Assumption is when we remember that Mary was taken or assumed into heaven body and soul after she died. One of the prayers we say at mass ends with the words ‘ I look forward to the resurrections of the dead and life in the world to come.’ The Assumption of Mary is a sign of hope to us all. It show us us that one day, in God’s time, all of us will share in the resurrection of Jesus.

‘And behold, I am with you always, until the end of the age’

Matthew 28:20



Below are the dates for the next Parish Sacramental Programme. Any changes will be advertised on the parish website. For more information contact Linda Lehrke at [email protected] or Father John at the Parish Office.

Enrolments Open                22 September 2018 
Enrolments Close21 October 2018 
Reconciliation (2018)
Parent MeetingsThursday 8, 15, 22 November 7 pm in the church
Reconciliation Session 111 November5:30 Mass
Reconciliation Session 218 November5:30 Mass
Reconciliation Session 325 November5:30 Mass
Receive the Sacrament30 November7 pm at the church
Confirmation (2019)
Parent MeetingsThursday 7, 14, 21 March7 pm in the church
Confirmation Session 110 March5:30 Mass
Confirmation Session 217 March5:30 Mass
Confirmation Session 324 March5:30 Mass
Receive the Sacrament(Same Weekend as First Holy Communion)Friday 14 June 2019 7 pm
Holy Communion (2019)
Parent MeetingsThursday 9, 16, 23 May7 pm in the church
Holy Communion Session 112 May5:30 Mass
Holy Communion Session 219 May5:30 Mass
Holy Communion Session 326 May5:30 Mass
RehearsalThursday 13 June6.00 pm in the church
Receive the Sacrament (Same Weekend as First Holy Communion)Across the masses on Saturday 15 and Sunday 16 June 2019

Prayer intention:

 Thank you Lord for the gift of discipleship.     Help us to respond to your call.


Detta Fairweather





BOT Community Survey

Please make sure you have had your say on our Community survey to use our accumulated funds. The survey closes today Friday 17th of August – complete it now if you want a say in how funds will be used to enhance the school environment!

New Container onsite

You will shortly see a new container onsite located by the sandpit. This is part of a new play initiative that is to be implemented called “loose parts” play. The container is storage for the equipment that the students will be using to play with. To this end we will soon be calling for any donations of “play” materials that have no identified purpose i.e. offcuts of drainage pipes, parts of spouting, old swimming noodles, electrical spools, old buckets, old rubbish tin lids, old blankets, small pop up tents etc. If you have any of this type of equipment or know how to access these resources please be on the lookout for the school links notice that will call for these donations so we can fill the container and help bring back imaginative play. The container will be painted up, once it is onsite, to help identify it and make it part of our environment.




Planning our play spaces

Last week a group of students from Year 3-5 along with members of our staff, Board of Trustees and PTA met with landscape designer Eliza Donald to begin the process of planning our future play spaces. The brains were buzzing as we thought about what could be possible at our school. Ideas such as flying foxes, tunnels, fossil pits, music walls and snakes and ladders parks were all floating around.

Eliza has taken all of the ideas away to use as her inspiration to formulate the possible journey our school could go on to develop our play spaces to make them interactive, fun and knowledge building environments. The PTA will be using the funds raised from our gala to implement the first stages of our planning.


Bugs and Gardens

Last term the Junior team learnt about bugs and gardens. So that we can look after our gardens we have started up a compost bin.  You can help us compost by bringing in your vegetable scraps from home. We need carrot and potato peelings, broccoli and cauliflower stalks or any other waste lettuce, spinach and other vegetables.   Please bring any scraps down to Room 8 and we will compost it for you. We also have a worm farm! The worm wee will also help the plants at school to grow. Thanks for your help.

Lara Clifford and Alicia Back     –    Room 8


Speeches in Room 23

In the senior school we have been presenting speeches this week.

Room 23 has really enjoyed listening to all the different topics that people spoke about – from Radars and Radiowaves to Dogs Are Man’s Best Friend, Bullies to The Titanic.

We were so proud of everyone for giving it a go and taking part. Sometimes it can be really hard to stand up in front of a group of people (even when you know them really well) and speak.

Well done to everyone who has done their speech! We look forward to Senior Speech Finals in Week 5.

Room 1  –  Innovation

The students in Room 1 have been thinking about their science learning from last term when we visited the Botanical Gardens, and carefully linking it to this term’s learning – Innovation (Technology).  We wondered, do seeds need a garden and soil to grow? Could we grow plants another way?  We watched a video clip about growing bean and pea seeds in a plastic cup filled with wet tissue paper. Would it work?  We decided to find out. Mrs Sentch bought some seeds, plastic cups and paper towels. We sprinkled the paper towel with some water, just enough to dampen it. If you tip your cup upside down, no water should drip out.  Jett tested his and it was just right. Now to wait to see if our seeds sprout! 


Room 7   –   The NED Show

Cosmo started with a song and magic.  He talked about Ned’s adventures. He got ribbons and he put them in a bag.  He took them out of the bag and there was coloured rings! He told us that they jump high and the Kenya kids sang a song to Cosmo and Ned.   

by Kellan Easton


We went to the amazing NED show yesterday.  The whole school went in the hall. A year six boy introduced Cosmo.  He told us about his trip to Kenya, Africa and called it the Kindness Adventure.  Then he sang a song about kindness… with magic! He put a Christmas ring in a hat and he put three different coloured cloths and put it in a hole on the side and took the cloths out on the other side.  He took the Christmas ring out and the three coloured cloths were tied together! The he asked two volunteers to let him ask them questions. He held a bell and started “When do you wake up? Ding!” “Half past 6”.  “Pretty good time! When do you think Kenyan’s wake up?” “6 O’Clock?” “Good guess, let’s see.” He turned on the TV. “I wake up at 5 O’Clock and go home at half past 5”. “That’s 12 hours and 30 minutes, 2 times the length of ours!”  We all gasped. He gave them a Kenyan treasure, he asked a few more people to do a few more things and it came to an end. It was very exciting.

By Forrest Fu





Dropping children off at school

Parking restrictions are in place near schools for a reason. They protect our communities’ children.

  • Always observe all parking restrictions near our school
  • Always use the school patrol crossing
  • Choose safety over convenience at all times
  • Where possible walk or join a Walking School Bus with your child



Our school is a TravelWise school

We encourage you to walk your children to and from school as it:

  • Helps improve your child’s fitness and health (and yours!)
  • Gets them to arrive at school awake, alert and ready to learn
  • Keeps the school gate area clear of parked cars so it is safer for everyone
  • Helps your child to become familiar with their community and to learn road sense skills
  • Saves on petrol money




If you are held up and late for school please bring your child to the office first to sign in and then go to the classroom. After signing in, a slip is printed and the slip is required to be taken to the class teacher.



Check those books

We have had a number of calls from local public libraries regarding our school library books being returned incorrectly to them.   Please check your books prior to returning them to the public library.


Replacement cost of lost library books

Please note that fees for lost library books are now charged at the replacement cost of the book, rather than a set fee of $10 which was charged in the past. 

Children are encouraged to bring their books back promptly after the borrowing period (one week for juniors, two weeks for middle and senior school).


Write like an author

Here is a wonderful opportunity for senior and middle school students to take part in a writing course hosted at Sancta Maria College during the next school holidays.

It is an internationally acclaimed writing course which teaches young writers the skills and techniques that professional authors use to create their stories. During the course, each participant will develop and write an original creative story under the guidance of well-known author and writing coach Melinda Szymanik

Registrations can be made online and places are strictly limited.

1 day course Monday 8th October

8-12 years – $60

4 day course 8 – 11th October

Year 5 & 6 only – $195

For further information click here  FLYER





If you have not yet sent your ‘Knowledgeathon‘ money to the classroom teacher could this please be done by Monday 27 August.   We thank you for your continued support in our fundraising efforts.


G A L A    NEWS    –   Saturday 3 November 10 a.m. – 2p.m. 



Our Lady Star of the Sea Gala 2018

20-24 August

 We are collecting TOILETRIES

  Shampoo, soap, perfume, bath salts,

lotion, bubble bath, hand cream, etc.

These items will be used in the gift baskets, Quickfire and raffles.

 Please do NOT send hotel samples


Our school Gala will be on Saturday 3 November 10 a.m. – 2p.m.     Watch out for school links notices for updates.

The container will be open from 2:15-3:15pm on Fridays during Term 3 and also specific weekend dates in October and November. 

Please DO NOT take items to the school office or leave outside the container as they may get damaged by the weather.  Please watch for further information to be announced on school links and Facebook.

If you have larger items, the container will be open on weekends later in the term. Please contact Carmen Hui 021-032-2590 or Jo Smal 021-212-7979 for more information.



20-24 August Toiletries

27-31 August Chocolate and Lollies

3-7 September Baking Ingredients

10-14 September Toys and Games

17-21 September Lucky Dip and Lollies

14-28 September Non Perishable Grocery and Bottles

Term Break

15-19 September Jolly Jars

29 Oct – 2 Nov Baking and Fudge






Cockle Bay 4 Our Lady Star of the Sea 1

Thanks for a great season girls – you have improved immensely!

Go Girls football!


Bell Times and Routines
8.30amHand Bell – children can enter class only if teacher in room
8.45amSchool Commences
8.45am – 9.00amPrayer
10.40am – 11.00amMorning Tea
12.30pm – 1.20pmLunch
2.45pmSchool Concludes



Friendly Reminders

Drop off and pick up

Please be courteous to all when you are dropping your child off or picking them up after school.  We have been disappointed to hear that not everyone is showing respect to other parents. We all need to be good role models and at our school we do this through our shared values of Service, Respect, Courage, Resilience and Justice


If your child is absent from school for any reason you must either complete an online report an absence form or phone the office and leave a message or use the school website ‘Absence’ line. Please leave a specific reason for the absence i.e. if the child is sick please specify the sickness e.g. cold, vomiting etc. If the child is absent from school due to sickness for more than three days, a medical certificate is required. For any holiday or overseas travel please email our Acting Principal Mrs Sue Kubala at [email protected]

Car parking
Please be considerate when street parking near the school. We have received complaints from neighbours regarding parking across driveways.

When ordering online please make sure your child’s order has the correct room number as  a few lunches have gone to incorrect rooms.

Lost Property
The lost property cupboard is by Room 1 entrance. You are welcome to check this at any time as it is open all day.

Uniform shop
Open every Thursday 8.30 – 9.00 a.m. and 2.30-3 p.m. (during school term)

Before and Afterschool care – 021837977 for bookings

Lunch Menu Update – Tuckshop
For our Lunch Menu for the tuck shop. Please see ‘LUNCHES’ under the Parent Information tab on website.


School Term Dates 2018
 Term 130.01.18   –   13.04.18
 Term 2 01.05.18   –   06.07.18
 Term 3 23.07.18  –  28.09.18
 Term 4 15.10.18   –   18.12.18



PLEASE NOTE all dates and events are SUBJECT TO CONFIRMATION via subsequent website newsletters

 Class group and individual student photographs Monday 20 August
Whole School AssemblyMonday 20 August
Hearing and Vision Tuesday 21 August
Senior Team Speeches1.30 – 2.30 p.m.Tuesday 21 August
Gymnastic InterschoolWednesday 22 August
 Cybersafety Years 4-6 Wednesday 22 August
 Otago Problem Solving Wednesday 22 August
Cybersafety Years 4-6Friday 24 August
Football quarter finals12.30 – 1.30 p.m.Friday 24 August
BOT Meeting6.30 – 8.30 p.m.Tuesday 28 August
Father’s Day Liturgy9 – 10- a.m.Friday 31 August
 Koanga Festival  (Farm Cove Intermediate) 11.00 – 1.45 p.m.Friday 31 August
 PTA Meeting 7 p.m. Monday 3 September
 Scripture Reading Competition 11.30 a.m. – 12 p.m. Wednesday 5 September
 Middle Team Assembly 2 p.m. Wednesday 5 September
Team and Sibling PhotosFriday 7 September
Maher House School Mass5.30 – 6.30 p.m.Sunday 9 September 2018



Helping Hands has been part of Our Lady Star of the Sea’s culture for quite some time.  It is where our school community comes together to help those in stressful situations i.e. a parent or grand parent being very ill, a family bereavement or a new born baby to the family.

We would like those in need to know we care!  If you would like to be a part of this wonderful group of caring people who are called upon once or twice a year to either make a meal, bake a cake, transport children to/from school or utilise your gardening skills please fill out the form (click the word ‘form’) and return to the office.   Please add your contact number.

As we all know – “we are in this together”.

If we can assist your family or if you hear of any family in our school community please let the office know.

Thank you

Helping Hands Team



Support Our Lady Star of the Sea School and you’ll be rewarded!

We are raising funds for our School and you can help. Order the NEW 2018 | 2019 Entertainment Book or Entertainment Digital Membership and you will receive hundreds of valuable offers for everything you love to do, and you will also be supporting our School.








Father Terry starts the Alpha Course on Wednesday, 8 August, Parish Centre,    Parkhill Road,  Howick

Two separate courses will be held in the morning at  10 a.m. 

–  one in English and one in Mandarin 


This will give parents time to get to the school in time to pick up children.  There is tea and coffee for those who arrive early.

Alpha covers the basics of Christianity.
It is for people who want to learn about the faith
for those who want to ask questions
for those who want to brush up on their faith.
Everyone is welcome; bring a friend.

Father Terry



Pakuranga Rugby Club been given the opportunity to participate in the Community Club Match Ticket Incentive Programme.

This is the Auckland vs Tasman match, Friday 7th September, at Eden Park, at 7:45pm.

We have been allocated a number of match tickets to distribute amongst our club members and supporters.  If we achieve 45% redemption (match attendance) we will receive $2000 of sports equipment or clothing.

And the club with the highest percentage redemption will receive $5000 worth of Sports equipment/clothing.

Please note, as the incentive is based on match attendance, we do require that any tickets taken must be used.

We would like to extend this offer to our local school community. 

If anyone would like tickets for this game, to please come into our office to collect tickets. 


  Junior Rugby Coordinator   –     Pakuranga United Rugby Club

PO Box 38076, Howick, Auckland

Ph (09) 576 7928 ext 1