Dear Families

Welcome back to Term 3 – a busy and exciting term ahead!

We extend a warm welcome to new families and staff joining our school and parish community.

Term 3 Staffing Update:   

Mrs Darryl Lynn and Mrs Kay Hey  Room 10

Mrs Dorothy Giam  Room 1

                                       Mrs Catherine Holdom Room 8

Last week we held our annual school cross country. It was great to see the involvement and participation from all our students. Our Year 6 House Captains led their ‘House’ with chants and plenty of  encouragement. The positive attitude and cheering for fellow school house members was very uplifting.

I must say the Year 3 students and staff deserved a big congratulations, especially when the sky opened and they had only just begun their race. Sorry about the muddy running gear – a true cross country!!

Our student leaders are also planning for our 2018 Star of the Sea Idol, which is to be held in the near future. The message has been shared in classes and at our school assembly – can you dance, sing, play an instrument, share some jokes, recite and act out a poem? This is a chance to step out and have a go!

Our winter sport team competitions are well underway. It is great to hear that our teams are playing fairly with true commitment, and having fun. Thank you to staff and parents for supporting our students and also helping with transport to the away games.

“The school endeavours to provide opportunities for students to contribute actively in school life” – Catholic Special Character External Review Report  June 2018


Principals and Teachers Industrial Action Wednesday 15 August

Recent media coverage is highlighting the potential Industrial Action to be taken by Primary Principals and Primary Teachers as they currently renegotiate their respective Collective. Information from the Chairperson of our Board of Trustees was sent out via School Links this afternoon.  Information was also sent out from Bizzy Bodz.



As part of our emergency planning and response work with Harrison Tew, the back gates to our school are being locked from 9.30 a.m. – 2.15 pm each school day. This will help with ensuring that people who visit our school will come to the front entrance, as our sign in tab is located at the front office. We are required to know who is onsite during the school day.

Ngā mihi nui

Sue Kubala

Acting Principal



Seek God with simplicity and love – Euphrasie Barbier

Jesus is an innovator. He has shown us how to use the many gifts and talents God has blessed us with to help make a difference in our world. That’s our challenge – today and for all of our days. Pope Francis is a wonderful model of Jesus’ innovation as he leads by example living out the genuine mission of the church. Our Pope has been acknowledged globally as an ‘epic innovator’.

The Feast of the Assumption celebrated on August 15 is our school and parish Feast Day. Mass will be celebrated in the parish church at 6:30pm followed by dinner at Bollywood. More information is in the parish newsletter.

Information about our school Feast Day celebrations will be shared soon.

Our parish foodbank is running short of food, particularly tea, coffee and rice. Donations can be left in the school or parish office. Thank you for your ongoing support.

Classes begin a new religious education strand this week. Make a point of asking your child what the focus is and respond to their posts on Seesaw.

Me mahi tahi te rangimarie me te aroha

Try to meet all with peace and love   –     Catherine McAuley

Prayer intention:We give thanks for the many blessings God has gifted us, especially the gift of food, shelter and education. Help us to respond generously to those who don’t have as much as we do.


Detta Fairweather



Room 2  –   stories about the new slide.
The truck came with the new slide because the old slide was broken. The men used the hammer and the drill. They had to take off the blue mat. It was so much fun on the slide and everyone was trying to have a turn. We almost went backwards!!
Julian Xiao (Room 2)
At the playground we saw a truck. We saw the new slide on the back of the truck because the old slide was broken. The men took the blue plastic off. They cut down some of the handle. The new slide is yellow and it is so fast.
Piers Lim (Room 2)


Room 23 Maths Class are having a great time learning through the process of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths). This term we are tackling ‘The Great Pioneer Town STEM Challenge’, starting with the first task of building a water filter. The students are learning about liquid measurement, volume and scientific processes, as well as learning how to build something to the required measurements. One of our big learning steps last term was learning to read the instructions properly so that important information wasn’t missed!

Using the STEM process below, we have learnt to carefully analyse every aspect of the plans, test and retest, and think outside the box.

Over the last term, we have built catapults, huts, rafts and more, and looked at fractions, angles, measurement, properties of shapes, weight, buoyancy and more.

During this term, we’ll be building solar water heaters, cabins and towers; and looking at mathematical concepts of linear measurement, area, force and motion, measuring energy, reading temperatures and more.

Jump Jam for Star Jam

On Friday 17th of August  our school will be participating in Jump Jam 4 Star Jam.

This involves students participating in a team Jump Jam session and bringing along a gold coin donation in support of Star Jam; a national charity that provides performance opportunities for young people with disabilities.

In exchange for their gold coin, each child will receive a wristband which says, “Jump Jam for Star Jam”.

Please help support this charity and children with disabilities by giving your child a gold coin  to bring to school on Friday the 17th of August.

Thank you so much in anticipation of your support.




Room 11 Writing

Running to the starting line wearing my house colours. Heart pumping fast.  Ready, set go!!! Running fast like lightning!  Running out of energy. Raining and wet.  Slipping on the muddy field. I was sweaty and I was tired.  I was charging ahead to get out of the rain.  My energy was nearly gone but I was nearly at the finish line.  Cross country was challenging but I made it and I have a happy heart.

Natalia Sandoval  (Age 7)


Racing with other year three boys, I used all my power to get to the front.  After we got to the gate we jogged up the path and went around the carpark and around the corner.  I dashed out of the Sabbath space.  While running up the stairs to the top field, I saw my mum, she was cheering for me.  My legs were running out of energy.  Up on the top field I was running out of breath.  Up and around the rugby posts and past Miss Begunk.  It was getting muddy and I nearly slipped.  Then I saw my Grandpa.  It was nearly over, one last run through the car park using all my power.  I finished 7th.

Austin Cai   (Age 7)


Cross Country 2018 Results

Year One – Boys

Year One – Girls

  1. Eric Xue RM01 Barbier
  2. Avery Hunter RM04 Garin
  3. Caleb Hooper RM 04 McAuley
  1. Rachael Geor RM04 Garin
  2. Stella Wakefield RM03 Garin
  3. Adele Jablonski RM09 Maher


Year Two – Boys

Year Two – Girls

  1. Noah Hillerby RM08 Garin
  2. Isaias Chan Mow RM08 Garin          
  3. Luke McLaughlin RM07 Maher   
  1. Gaia Carrozzino RM08 Maher
  2. Chloe Kendrick-Jones RM08 McAuley
  3. Ruby Burnnand RM04 Barbier


Year Three – Boys

Year Three – Girls

  1. Liam Martin RM16 McAuley
  2. Nico Taurima RM16 McAuley
  3. Alex Avis RM16 McAuley
  1. Bohan Zhang RM17 McAuley
  2. Athena Luo RM11 Garin
  3. Madison Beagley RM17 McAuley


Year Four – Boys

Year Four – Girls

  1. Ryan Smeath RM13 Barbier
  2. Luke Preisig RM14 McAuley
  3. Matthew Mills RM14 Garin
  1. Tayla Kay RM15 Barbier
  2. Anaya Morris RM15 Maher
  3. Madeleine Hunter RM14 Garin


Year Five – Boys

Year Five – Girls

1. Jesse Christensen RM23 Barbier   

2. Cole Tomkies RM18 Maher

3. Jack Avis RM20 McAuley  

  1. Maia Tay-Morrison RM23 Maher
  2. Siobhan O’Rourke RM18 McAuley
  3. Ruby Faulkner RM19 McAuley


Year Six – Boys

Year Six – Girls

1. Caleb Faulkner RM18 McAuley

2. Thomas Martin RM23 McAuley

3. Keani Wilson RM23 Garin

1. Alexandra White RM18 McAuley

2. Amelie Lianto RM18 Barbier

3. Annabelle Voo RM22 Maher

Congratulations to all our students for giving their very best on the day and thank you to all the parents for their support.






If you are held up and late for school please bring your child to the office first to sign in and then go to the classroom. After signing in, a slip is printed and the slip is required to be taken to the class teacher.



Our school Gala will be on Saturday 3 November 10 a.m. – 2p.m.   Watch out for school links notices for updates.

The donation containers will be open every Friday in Term 3 from 2.15 – 3.15 p.m. and also specific weekend dates in October and November.   Please DO NOT take items to the school office or leave outside the container as they may get damaged by the weather.  Please watch for further information to be announced on school links and Facebook.



Star of the Sea (under 35kgs)  60    vs   Bucklands Beach Primary  0


J1 (Stars)

Star of the Sea  13    vs   Owairoa   2

J2 (Stars)

Star of the Sea 12  vs  Elm Park  8


Star of the Sea 2  vs  Shelly Park  3

Go Girls football!


Star of the Sea (Whitestars)  6  vs  Sancta Maria 13

Star of the Sea (Blue Stars)  25  vs  Shelly Park  14



Congratulations to Kate Sung from Room 21 who has performed well yet again in her recent Kata and Kumite competitions.

Kate attained the following results:

1st individual overall in 10-11 Years Kata

2nd individual overall in 10-11 years Kumite under 40kg

3rd team 10-13 years Team Kumite

Congratulations Kate we are proud of you.


Marina Chen from Room 22 recently travelled to Australia to develop her ice skating ability. While away she attended two ice skating competitions. Marina did incredibly well and has improved her ice skating ability immensely. The following are just some of her successes.

She won second place in the Oceania International Ice Skating Competition, held in Melbourne and she also competed in Sydney where she achieved 11th place overall.

Congratulations Marina, it is lovely to have you and your family back with us.


Bell Times and Routines
8.30amHand Bell – children can enter class only if teacher in room
8.45amSchool Commences
8.45am – 9.00amPrayer
10.40am – 11.00amMorning Tea
12.30pm – 1.20pmLunch
2.45pmSchool Concludes



Friendly Reminders

Drop off and pick up

Please be courteous to all when you are dropping your child off or picking them up after school.  We have been disappointed to hear that not everyone is showing respect to other parents. We all need to be good role models and at our school we do this through our shared values of Service, Respect, Courage, Resilience and Justice


If your child is absent from school for any reason you must either complete an online report an absence form or phone the office and leave a message or use the school website ‘Absence’ line. Please leave a specific reason for the absence i.e. if the child is sick please specify the sickness e.g. cold, vomiting etc. If the child is absent from school due to sickness for more than three days, a medical certificate is required. For any holiday or overseas travel please email our Acting Principal Mrs Sue Kubala at [email protected]

Car parking
Please be considerate when street parking near the school. We have received complaints from neighbours regarding parking across driveways.

When ordering online please make sure your child’s order has the correct room number as  a few lunches have gone to incorrect rooms.

Lost Property
The lost property cupboard is by Room 1 entrance. You are welcome to check this at any time as it is open all day.

Uniform shop
Open every Thursday 8.30 – 9.00 a.m. and 2.30-3 p.m. (during school term)

Before and Afterschool care – 021837977 for bookings

Lunch Menu Update – Tuckshop
For our Lunch Menu for the tuck shop. Please see ‘LUNCHES’ under the Parent Information tab on website.


School Term Dates 2018
 Term 130.01.18   –   13.04.18
 Term 2 01.05.18   –   06.07.18
 Term 3 23.07.18  –  28.09.18
 Term 4 15.10.18   –   18.12.18



PLEASE NOTE all dates and events are SUBJECT TO CONFIRMATION via subsequent website newsletters

 HPPA Dance FestivalElim College  6.30 p.m. Monday 6 August
 HPPA Dance Festival Elim College  6.30 p.m. Tuesday 7 August
 The Ned Show  Tuesday 7 August
 Dental Screening Van 9 a.m. – 2.30 p.m. Thursday 9 August
 Dental Screening Van 9 a.m.  –  2.30 p.m. Friday 10 August
 Middle Team Waitakere Refuse Station   Rooms 14 & 15 9.00 a.m.  –  12.30 p.m. Friday 10 August
 Middle Team Waitakere Refuse Station 9.00 a.m. – 12.30 p.m. Monday 13 August
PTA Meeting7.00 – 8.30 p.m.Monday 13 August
ICAS Maths Tuesday 14 August
Inter school Cross Country (saving day Thursday 16 August) Tuesday 14 August
School Feast Day Mass  11 a.m.  HallTuesday 14 August
Middle Team Waitakere Refuse Station9 am – 12.30 pm Thursday 16 August
 Sausage Sizzle  Thursday 16 August
 Middle Team Waitakere Refuse Station 9 am – 12.30 p.m. Friday 17 August
 Class group photographs  Monday 20 August
 Portrait photographs  Monday 20 August
Whole school Assembly  Monday 20 August
 Hearing and Vision  Tuesday 21 August
Senior Team Speeches1.30 – 2.30 p.m.Tuesday 21 August
Gymnastic InterschoolWed 22 August

Teacher Only Day   –    Staff Retreat 

  MONDAY 3 SEPTEMBER                        



Helping Hands has been part of Our Lady Star of the Sea’s culture for quite some time.  It is where our school community comes together to help those in stressful situations i.e. a parent or grand parent being very ill, a family bereavement or a new born baby to the family.

We would like those in need to know we care!  If you would like to be a part of this wonderful group of caring people who are called upon once or twice a year to either make a meal, bake a cake, transport children to/from school or utilise your gardening skills please fill out the form (click the word ‘form’) and return to the office.   Please add your contact number.

As we all know – “we are in this together”.

If we can assist your family or if you hear of any family in our school community please let the office know.

Thank you

Helping Hands Team



Support Our Lady Star of the Sea School and you’ll be rewarded!

We are raising funds for our School and you can help. Order the NEW 2018 | 2019 Entertainment Book or Entertainment Digital Membership and you will receive hundreds of valuable offers for everything you love to do, and you will also be supporting our School.







Father Terry starts the Alpha Course on Wednesday, 8 August, Parish Centre,    Parkhill Road,  Howick

Two separate courses will be held in the morning at  10 a.m. 

–  one in English and one in Mandarin 


This will give parents time to get to the school in time to pick up children.  There is tea and coffee for those who arrive early.

Alpha covers the basics of Christianity.
It is for people who want to learn about the faith
for those who want to ask questions
for those who want to brush up on their faith.
Everyone is welcome; bring a friend.

Father Terry



ST VINCENT DE PAUL FUNDRAISER   –     18 August 2018

Don’t miss out on a evening of fun, music and dance.   

‘Musica’ is a fundraiser by parish musicians to raise funds for the St Vincent de Paul Society.

See the flyer below for further information.



Pakuranga Rugby Club been given the opportunity to participate in the Community Club Match Ticket Incentive Programme.

This is the Auckland vs Tasman match, Friday 7th September, at Eden Park, at 7:45pm.

We have been allocated a number of match tickets to distribute amongst our club members and supporters.  If we achieve 45% redemption (match attendance) we will receive $2000 of sports equipment or clothing.

And the club with the highest percentage redemption will receive $5000 worth of Sports equipment/clothing.

Please note, as the incentive is based on match attendance, we do require that any tickets taken must be used.

We would like to extend this offer to our local school community. 

If anyone would like tickets for this game, to please come into our office to collect tickets. 


  Junior Rugby Coordinator   –     Pakuranga United Rugby Club

PO Box 38076, Howick, Auckland

Ph (09) 576 7928 ext 1