Athletics day

The air smelt musty and there was a slight dampness on the ground. 9 year old girls were walking impatiently to the fields,which was packed with full of equipment and crowds of people making beelines to their activity.

First was long jump, the sand was nice and soft, the kind you want to wriggle your feet in, but I didn’t let that get in my way! I looked down the ‘aisle’ and taking a deep breath, I raced down and leapt into the sand. I desperately tried hard completing throws, high jump, long jump until at last, SPRINTS…

Yes, sprints. I know what you’re thinking, “ Yes of course sprints! That’s easy” NO! I loathed sprints. I wasn’t always fast but I wasn’t scared of coming last. No, the thing about sprints is… well…I just think we’re not made for each other, I always stumble at the start or trip over at the finish line, yeah you get the idea. We were suddenly at the sprint finals, it all came too quickly! We were all staring at the runners like eagles. “BANG!” They were off! The audience screamed, yelled and shouted for dear life as the runners flew across the track. It seemed for eternity till the winners were announced.

The athletics day was over. Yes of course we had house relays as well and that took another 5 minutes of screaming, yelling and shouting for our lives, but soon everyone was heading back to the class being sweaty, tired and enthusiastic. That’s the end of the fun-filled athletics day on a beautiful day.

Emily Chan, Year 4, Room 15


CLAP! Went the bangers and off they went. The day everyone was waiting for.

Athletics day. People were jumping, stretching, throwing and running.

My strategies were all going through my head.

It was almost my turn for the sprints.

Mrs McKay was calling out, take your marks, set Clap!!! The bangers went and the

racers ran. We ran faster than a cheetah, as fast as we ever ran before. We passed

the finish line and everyone cheered.

I was overwhelmed to know I came second place.

I felt like a champ. I heard the crowd go wild.

I could see people throwing their

hands in the air. My day was amazing.

Kiarna Makoare, Year 4 Room 15

I was in lining up one by one for the long jump. Then it was my turn I was so nervous I ran and ran and ran then I jumped, I landed then I fell and head planted myself.

Throwing was next, I threw hard with all my might. Then it was high jump. I failed the high jump.  My mum came and watched me for a little bit, I tried my best in the high jump but never mind.

Then it was the sprints, the 80m sprints I came fifth. Then it was the 100m sprints if came 1st, 2nd, or 3rd I would redeem myself then.

The banger went and I sprinted as fast as I could then I heard “go Matthew” it made me go faster and faster then I finished !

I waited for a bit then Mrs Fairweather walked over and gave me 3rd place.

In the semifinals I came last but that’s ok.

In conclusion I had lots of fun in athletics and I hope I can do better next year.

Matthew Thompson, Year 4, Room 15

Today was the day, the day I ran like a bullet through the wet soggy grass. It started we walked up to long jump with the sand shining from the sun. We made a line but we had to do it in alphabetical order which was a struggle but the line in front of me demolished in 3 seconds and it was my turn.

I ran as fast as I could and I jumped and I went behind the second best cone but I was  bit frustrated because I didn’t do my best but on my second go I ran faster and jumped, I literally flew!! And just then I saw the stick go into the sand and it was in front of all the rest .

Throws were next, throwing wasn’t really my thing but I still waited till my turn came. I threw and on my first ball I got achieved and same on my second and the third, it was pretty bad but I was expecting it!!

Now high jump, one of my favourite the first bar looked easy and the next and the next and on and on but the last bar was really high it was on 1.03 meters tall but I didn’t make it over but at least I came fourth!!

Next was sprints,  they are my favourite, on my 60m heat I came first and on my 60m semi final I came fourth, on my 100m heat I came first. On my 100m semi final I came 2nd and on my final 60m, I came first and the same with the 100m .I came first AND when I was doing my final for 60m and 100m the year 3’s,4’s,5’s and 6’s were watching plus my heart felt like it was going to pop out from how scared I was!

I love athletics!!

Lola Penfold, year 4 room 15.