Dear Families,

In this newsletter, our first for Term 3, you will see we are very much back into business as usual post lockdown.

Our Parish is a place of celebration as you will read in our Director of Religious Studies section of this newsletter, with a new statue of Our Lady of Peace being blessed by bishop Micahel Gielen two Sundays ago, recent Baptisms including members of our school community, many of our young learners involved in preparation for the celebration of the Sacraments of Confirmation and Communion and the Alpha programme beginning again on August 23.

This Sunday’s Gospel reading is well-known; the feeding of the 5000. In reflecting on the miracle of Jesus sharing the loaves and fish, we are called on to reflect on this loving act. He saw a need in the hungry crowd who had followed him and with the grace of God did something about it. We are challenged to consider ways we can share our gifts and talents with others in support of their needs. Click here for this Sunday’s readings.

Term 3 Learning Focus

This term our concept focus is ‘Innovation’ where our students will gain an understanding that innovation is the result of creative thinking and problem solving. We will be connecting the exploration of patterns in our world last term into an inquiry into innovations that can protect and nurture the patterns that are taonga in our common home.

Mid Year Reports

We reached the conclusion of our mid reporting cycle last week with the posting of Mid Year Learning Review reports on the portal for parents. This document pulled together the parent, student and teacher responses from the learning disposition information gathered last term, the goals established at the Parent/Student Teacher Mid Year Learning Discussions which were held the week before the end of last term and an update as to where each student is working in relation to the curriculum in literacy and numeracy. We have had a lot of positive comments about the process and the depth of information shared, particularly around the learning dispositions which enable our learners to be successful across the curriculum. Undertaking the mid-year sharing of learning in this way looked different to how families have been accustomed to mid-year reporting in the past, however, this process has been a great step forward in meeting community desire around reporting as established through our consultation last year. We are keen to gain a more in-depth understanding of how our community found this new form of mid-year reporting so will shortly send a survey asking for your voice. This will assist us in planning for reporting into the future. Thank you in advance for contributing your thoughts.

Walking to/from Orangewood Dr or Chapel Rd

It is pleasing that many families are parking on Orangewood Dr or Chapel Rd and allowing their children to make the short walk either along Oakridge Way or Stella Maris Way into and out of school. This supports traffic and parking congestion as well as continuing to foster the independence of our children. Thank you for your ongoing support in this way.

Friendship Fridays

It was great to see lots of families in school last Friday afternoon and this afternoon to meet and catch up while enjoying a coffee thanks to the services of the coffee van while exploring the information centre and exchanging library books. Thank you to those members of our community who have embraced this opportunity, it is lovely to see and feel our community connections growing again after COVID hindered our chance to gather. In gathering and sharing in this way on Friendship Fridays, we can make the most of the opportunity to be community together while we also continue to embrace the independence our children have in entering and exiting the school on their own on other weekdays. Thanks to Rebecca Sentch and Bronwyn Bell our Information Centre coordinators for their support in this effort, keeping the library open for families to enjoy.

Kahui Ako update

As you are aware, we are members of the South East Christian Kahui Ako, a group of 6 schools that work together to share professional learning and development, collaborate over effective teaching and learning and work cooperatively to shift student achievement. On Thursday of last week, our Board of Trustees had the opportunity to join with the Boards of the other schools involved to hear from the 4 Across School Teachers who work across all 6 schools on the work that the Kahui Ako is engaging in. Our Board heard about the focus on advancing learner agency through teaching and learning as inquiry. We were very proud of Andrea Begunk who, as an Across School Teacher for our Kahui Ako, shared the work that has been undertaken to bring Early Childhood Education centers on board in order to investigate transitioning practices across the Kahui Ako and share ideas around making the transition from ECE into school as smooth as possible. We also heard how the investigation of play-based learning has advanced and supported transition into school and learning programmes beyond, as well as how the implementation of the new Digital Technology curriculum has been supported by professional development across the Kahui Ako and about the engagement of local Iwi. If you are interested in finding out more follow this link to our Kahui Ako website.

Staffing update

This term we welcome three new staff to our learning community I am sure you will make them feel very welcome when you see them around school.

Mrs Emma Forbes and Mrs Joanna Hey who are working in our New Entrant/Year 1 class alongside Mrs Lesley Benjamin as we welcome new learners in the second half of the year.

We also welcome Mrs Heather Collins who has joined our senior school as class teacher in Room 21 and Team Leader of our Year 5/6 team.

Looking back

In the fortnight since our term began, there have been some wonderful additional experiences for our learners that sit on top of their usual classroom programme. These experiences include our chess team attending a chess tournament at Pt View Primary (read on in this newsletter to find out more), our netball teams engaging in grading rounds, we held our first whole school assembly in almost 5 months where we shared liturgy, song and learning. We were blessed with good weather which enabled us to enjoy our school cross country this week (see results and photos later in this newsletter) as well as had our school soccer team represent us at a local soccer tournament (read more later in this newsletter). Our Passion Project Wednesdays began this week which included 9 members of our parish supporting us in sharing their passions with our learners (read on to find out more). We have also begun a series of tennis lessons with a coach from the Cockle Bay Tennis Club for our senior students which will continue over the next 4 weeks.

Looking ahead

Over the next fortnight, we look forward to continuing our maths professional development, our senior gymnasts will compete in the primary schools gymnastic qualifying competition, we have our U45 rugby team participating in a rugby fun day and our junior classes making a trip to the Botanic Gardens as part of their concept learning this term. Our successful school cross country runners will represent us at the HPPA Cross Country and our juniors will participate in gymnastics sessions run by the Howick Gymnastics Club. Our PTA are meeting on Monday 10th August and Friday 14th August sees us celebrate our Feast Day with Mass at 11.15am and Feast Day Idol in the afternoon amongst other fun activities on the day. As you can see, there is lots to look forward to over the next couple of weeks.

Wishing you a very happy, safe and blessed fortnight ahead until I have the privilege of sharing the fun of learning at OLSOS in next fortnights newsletter.

Ngā mihi nui

Louise Campbell



Bishop Michael Gielen, the auxiliary Bishop of Auckland, blessed the new Our Lady of Peace statue for our parish. The statue now stands in Our Lady’s chapel towards the entrance of the Church. Please do take the time to visit her.

Our Liturgy team attended the Caring Foundation Mass last week and were acknowledged for their work in support of our parish foodbank.   

Congratulations to Hyo Sung Lee (Rm 9) and his mother Hyun Soo Kim, who were Baptised at the 5:30pm Mass last weekend. During the mass Father Terry talked about how much he enjoys helping people to discover the treasure that faith is. 

Alpha Programme starts on Sunday, 23 August with a dinner in the Parish Centre at 7 p.m. Our cooks will prepare a scrumptious meal; you may meet fellow parishioners you didn’t know before & learn their names; we tell you what Alpha is all about & answer questions, and invite you to the next programme. Bring a friend.

It is often said, ‘The family that prays together stays together.’ Pope Francis promoted the 5 finger prayer as an easy reminder of who to pray for. This prayer practice assigns each finger a prayer focus. 

The thumb is for those closest to us – pray for your family and friends

The index finger is for those who point the way and guide us – pray for leaders, teachers, doctors, priests, coaches, police etc. 

The middle finger, our tallest, is for our leaders – pray for the leaders of our county, community, parish, work place. 

The ring finger, our weakest finger, is for those who are in need – pray for the sick, the homeless, the poor, those in need today. 

The pinky, the smallest finger, is for ourselves  – pray for your own needs

Manaakitia te katoa

Share your gifts with others

Prayer Intention:  We pray for the spirit of generosity enabling us to reach out to others by sharing what we have with those in need. 

Keep safe. God Bless

Detta Fairweather

Deputy Principal / Director of Religious Studies





Financial assistance is available to assist families who may need financial support as a result of the Covid-19 Virus with the payment of 2020 Attendance Dues for students attending Catholic schools in Auckland Diocese, both primary and secondary.
Families facing financial difficulties can contact their school office, their Parish Priest or the Revenue Manager on 09-360-3069 at the Catholic Diocese of Auckland for further information.
Application forms for this assistance are available from school and parish offices, or can be down-loaded from the Catholic Diocese of Auckland Website:


Kia ora Whanau, 

This month we held the Board of Trustees meeting virtually. 

This meeting focused on the annual financial report for the 2019 year, which has come back from the accountants and been signed off for audit. It will be posted on the School’s website.

Last month I advised of the resignation of Stephen McKenzie as one of our elected members of the Board of Trustees. The Board has decided that the current vacant Board position will be ‘filled by selection’ and we will be managing our obligations for this method appropriately.

We also had the dispersion data presented to the Board which has shown how we as a school community, have done supporting our learner outcomes over the first half of the year. The home / school partnership commitment has generated great outcomes for our students, so well-done Community. 

The Cola update: No update.

In closing, as a Board we are always humbled at the level of commitment to the school by the community and the reflection this has on our children’s outcomes.

Until next time.

Kia ora korua & kia manaaki ati atua koutou

Vaughan Fraser

BOT Chairman


EARLY NOTICE (note your diary)


A reminder notice will be sent via School Links the week of the sausage sizzle.

Nicole Kelly

PTA Chairperson


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Last term in Room 17 we were looking at the patterns which form part of our Cultural Taonga.  We chose a pattern to draw and paint.  We have many Cultural backgrounds in our classroom and this is reflected in the patterns we chose to try and create.


It was no ordinary start to the day, today was cross country day! 

House captains and PE monitors arrived early to assist the helpful teachers to set up for this big day. We set up Gazebos, house banners and roped off areas for parents to stand. After setting everything up, we all got changed into our house colours, and were starting to prepare for our race. Our hearts were racing and pounding in our chests. There were butterflies in our stomachs. We were all nervous for this huge event but we had been training extremely hard for weeks!

As Mrs Bailey called our race out over speaker we all started to shiver with anxiety. While we walked to the starting line the nerves set in.“BANG!”

went the clappers and we dashed at top speed around the track. As we ran we kept an eye on others around us and tried our very best. Before long the finish line was in sight. Using the last of our energy we sprinted through the shoot. We were filled with joy and happiness since we had finally completed this course. 

By Tayla Kay, David Li and Andrew D’Silva 



Year 1 Girls Year 1 Boys
1st Carla Shaw

2nd Mya Hillerby

3rd Maria Sandoval

1st Jackson Lawrence

2nd Luke Stewart

3rd Cruz Smith

Year 2 Girls Year 2 Boys
1st Adele Jablonski

2nd Maddy Roger

3rd Harper Williams

1st Charlie Bongiovanni

2nd Tristan Devey

3rd Clevon Fernando

Year 3 GirlsYear 3 Boys
1st Isobella Evans

2nd Hannah Baek

3rd Tamia Tavita-Falesiu

1st Eric Xue

2nd Charlie Faulkner

3rd Caleb Hooper

Year 4 Girls Year 4 Boys
1st Carla Lin

2nd Ruby Burnnand

3rd Chloe Kendrick-Jones

1st Luke McLaughlin

2nd Nathan Lo

3rd Rafael Smith

Year 5 Girls Year 5 Boys
1st Havanna Smith

2nd Madison Beagley

3rd Samantha Bongiovanni

1st Liam Martin

2nd Zion Bidois

3rd Nico Taurima

Year 6 Girls Year 6 Boys
1st Tayla Kay

2nd Lydia Ellis

3rd Helena Brinker

1st Ryan Smeath

2nd Matthew Mills

3rd Luke Preisig

Congratulations to all of our runners. We are very proud of you.

Those who have qualified for the HPPA interschool competition will be notified.





On Wednesday the 22nd Our Lady Star Of the Sea played in a chess tournament in Point View School this is a recount on what happened.

As we arrived at Point View school doors swung open as our school, Star of the Sea proudly walked through the doors. We played a few warm-up rounds before the big tournament started, because warming up is a very important part of playing chess. But soon the moment came, it was time to start. The principal of Point View introduced himself and let the Arbiter takeover who explained all the rules.  After that we were ready to go. The pressure was then on as our first round began. We all pushed to our max but sadly not all of us achieved a point. As Round Two came and went, we all quietly shouted a big cheer as most of us won a point. Round Two was a big success for our school. We played five more rounds. In the end we came 5th place out of six schools. We had a whole lot of fun, improved our chess skills and most importantly, learnt about good sportsmanship.

By Christian Lianto and Luca Dreaver

Room 18



This Wednesday Year 5 & 6 students participated in their first field day of the HPPA Interschool Football Tournament held at William Green Domain, Pakuranga.  They played 3 back to back matches – 1 loss, 1 Draw, 1 win.  The Tournament runs until the end of Term 3 with two more field days.


Passion Projects started this week with students involved in a number of projects e.g. knitting, building, balloon creations, Kapa Haka, cybersmart, kitchen chemistry, hospital dolls and many more.  Tutors volunteer their time and skills over a 6 week period in teaching new and exciting skills.   We could not run this programme if it wasn’t for our volunteers so thank you for passing on your knowledge and skills.



Author visits

Four fantastic authors will be visiting us plus we will be tuning into a virtual live show with best selling kiwi author and musician Deano Yipadee.

Costume parade

A fun morning where children and staff will be dressed in their favourite book character or  jungle animal costume.

Bring family and friends to watch this amazing parade!

Friday 28th August 9am

Lunchtime fun

Jungle I spy around the school

Art and craft in the Information centre

Story reading


Fun competitions with the chance to win prizes!

Class activities

Online jungle bingo activity boards to be completed in class and lots and lots of stories!














Congratulations to Samantha Bongiovanni on receiving a Volunteers Award from Bucklands Beach Association Football Club.

Well done Samantha for being involved and helping in the community.






































As the demand for Seasons for Growth increases so too does the need to increase our volunteer base.
The opportunity to deliver more sessions in schools for children in need, directly correlates to the number of Companions (volunteers) we have available.
Volunteers will be fully trained and vetted before being paired with an experienced Companion to deliver sessions. All volunteers receive ongoing support from the area coordinator, and all resources required are supplied.
Volunteers are needed during school terms for one hour a week, once a week. Some travel to local schools will be required.
Attendance at a group networking event is required twice a year.
We ask volunteers to be reliable, able to work / connect with children and show empathy.
The next training dates to become a Seasons for Growth Companion are:
Date :   29th & 30th August (Saturday and Sunday)
Where:    Neligan House, Parnell
If you are interested please contact :
Candice Thum Coordinator – Seasons for Growth, Howick   Mob: 022 423 8904   Ph: 09 533 0222.   Facebook: Seasons for Growth, Howick  


Term 1   Monday 3 February to Thursday 9 April (teacher only day 3 February)
Term 2   Tuesday 28 April to Friday 3 July  (ANZAC DAY holiday Monday 27 April)
Term 3    Monday 20 July to Friday 25 September
Term 4    Monday 12 October to Friday 18 December (12 noon)