Dear Families,

This newsletter marks the end of our 5th week back at school since lockdown Level 2 enabled our school to fully reopen for all families. Since then our country has reached Level 1 and we really have felt like life is returning to a new sense of normalcy. Many families have shared that their work habits have changed enabling more working from home to continue which will undoubtedly be good for well being, less wasted time travelling to and from work and more opportunities to be around for the family. For those families in this position, a definite positive outcome post-COVID.

Our new normal at school has also reflected the necessity to focus on well being and routine, getting our learners back into school life, while utilising the benefits that we saw in the development of learning dispositions and independence while in lockdown.

Many families have continued to drop their children at the gate, and collect at the end of the day from outside of school grounds to continue their children’s sense of independence. This is really pleasing to see. While there are less opportunities for connection and engagement with other parents, it is still great to see families having a chat at the gate and as they are walking back to their cars. We are working on ways capture the community spirit while still encouraging our children’s independence at the end of the day – more to come on this soon.

Mid Year Sharing of Learning

Thank you to those families who have responded to the ‘Mid Year Sharing of Learning’ form which was sent out by your class teacher last week in preparation for Mid Year Learning Discussions which will take place next Monday and Tuesday.

As mentioned in last fortnights newsletter, although the challenge of COVID-19 in the first 6 months has necessitated us to look at mid year sharing of learning differently, the opportunity to connect and reflect the strong parent voice at our community consultation last year around hearing more about children’s developing learning dispositions (skills, attitudes and competencies used across all curriculum areas) means our journey through sharing learning in the middle of this year can be undertaken with the voice of our families in mind.

When attending your Mid Year Sharing of Learning meetings with your teacher and child next week, a combination of parent/caregiver observations during the time of ‘school-led learning from home’, your teachers’ observations of your child’s time at school in the first half of this year and your child’s reflections on their learning to date will form the basis of discussions about learning in the last 6 months as well as an opportunity to discuss next steps in learning for your child/ren.

As mentioned in last fortnights newsletter, in place of the usual mid year report, a summary of the discussion from next weeks Mid Year Learning Conversations and agreed next steps will contribute to a Mid Year Learning Review document which will also contain an indication of where your child is currently achieving in reading, writing and mathematics. The Mid Year Learning Review document will be available, via the school portal, early in Term 3.

We are keen to hear your thoughts on the process after we have engaged in this new form of sharing learning so we will send you a quick survey after the process is complete to find out what families thought so we can build strength into end of year reporting and beyond. As this is the first time we have approached the sharing of learning in this way, we are sure to find ways we can modify the process in order for it to work better next time, so your voice in this process will be highly valued.

New Temporary Chapel Blessing

As you will read in more detail in our Director of Religious Studies section of this newsletter, plans for creating a chapel space in Room 1 have continued despite the interruptions of COVID-19. We are very pleased to announce that the chapel space will be blessed next Wednesday 24th June at 11.15am. Families are welcome to join the school in the hall for the liturgy. Please scroll down to read more about the development of this beautiful reflective space in our Director of Religious Studies section below.

Bus Bay Health and Safety

Thank you to all families who have continued to be mindful of the health and safety elements of our bus bay area. Recently we had an incident where one of our young learners ran in front of the bus as it was entering the bus bay area, narrowly avoiding an accident. Please support us in the health and safety of your children by reminding them to use the pedestrian crossing that sits across the mouth of the staff carpark and utilise the footpath around the edge of the bus bay as they exit the school. A wee reminder also, that the bus bay area is not for use by parents to drive into to drop their children off in the mornings.

Uniform Shop  Times

The uniform shop is open on Thursdays from 8.15am and closes promptly at 8.45am. Our uniform shop operators are volunteers and have other places they need to be after they close the uniform shop, so your understanding of the need to be prompt is appreciated. We are fortunate that our volunteers also open the uniform shop on Thursday afternoons from 2.30pm to 3pm, again, making sure you arrive with plenty of time before closing at 3pm to undertake your transaction is much appreciated.  Please note that now the shop is open again, online orders are CLOSED.  The ladies do still have some backorders to process once stock arrives.

Gala Postponed for 2020

You will have read in the Board of Trustees section of last fortnights newsletter that the Board used the information from the community survey to make the decision to hold off on running a Gala this year. This is a much loved annual event, however, with the impact of COVID-19 being felt the decision was made. As mentioned in our last newsletter, we will look to host a community event later this year, however,  we now look towards October 2021 with great anticipation for the reinstatement of our fabulous world-famous-in-East-Auckland Gala.

All God’s blessings on one and all until our next newsletter in a fortnights time, which will be published on our final day of a very different Term 2 2020.

Ngā mihi nui

Louise Campbell


Earlier this year we announced the much awaited development of a temporary school Chapel. Room 1 no longer looks like a classroom but a sacred space which will provide another dimension to school life. Please make a point of popping in when you are onsite next. I’m sure you will be surprised. Many thanks to Kathryn Evans who spent many hours of her personal time sewing curtains and covering the walls. 

A special mention must go to 

  • Lorraine Brooke, our groundsperson, for upgrading the garden area behind Room 1 
  • Ken Baird, our caretaker, for the many unexpected jobs to prepare the space 
  • Bob Yandell, for the care and preservation of our school altar
  • Petra Fsadni and Jane McKay for creating the focus in the Chapel foyer
  • Sue Yandell, for providing a ‘stitch in time’ 
  • Louise Campbell for giving the green light to the project. 

We can all have great ideas but it is people like the ones mentioned above who help to make things happen. People who generously give of their time and talents to promote the place of Jesus in our school. The Chapel will provide a quiet reflective area for prayer, as well as a place to celebrate and connect with our parish church. Our sacred furniture and vessels are now at home here and buddy class masses will be celebrated in the temporary Chapel during Term 3. Parents and members of the community are welcome to pop into the Chapel, at pick up and drop off times,  to use the space.  The  COVID 19 Lockdown Rāhui meant the Chapel blessing had to be postponed. This coming Wednesday, 24 June at 11:15am is the Feast of St John the Baptist. Father John will lead the celebration of  the Chapel blessing.  During the liturgy Father John will go through the school and bless all of the buildings with holy water. A great day for our school community. 

St John the Baptist is an important figure in the history of our faith. He is known as the patron saint of Baptism. Welcoming new members into the Church through the Sacrament of Baptism brings new life not only to the newly baptised but to the Church community as a whole.  This weekend a group of adults and children from our parish and school will be Baptised and Confirmed during the 9:30am mass. The adult members of the group have been preparing for this day for a long time now and it is a big step in their faith journey, one that we should celebrate alongside them. 

The Sacrament of Baptism is the sacrament which welcomes new members to the Church. Welcoming people into a community is important. Our vibrant school community is made up of over 30 different ethnic communities. Many of our families are first generation New Zealanders and I count myself as one of them. Each one of our families, each one of these groups bring a richness to the tapestry we weave together. It’s not always easy being new to a country or community that is different to what you know or where you grew up. Jesus commands us ‘to love your neighbour as yourself.’  Ask yourself – how do you, as the face of Christ to others, welcome new people into our community? This Sunday 21 June is the International day of prayer for Refugees and Migrants.  Pope Francis encourages us to all reach out in prayer and in love, to our migrant community, especially to those who are distanced from their family and loved ones – regardless of whether they come from overseas or from below the Bombays. May our school Mercy values of hospitality and compassion shine through. 

Through this term’s concept focus of Patterns our students are exploring the different patterns in their faith. The pattern of prayer, the pattern of ritual, the pattern of liturgy, the pattern of the mass, the pattern of Jesus in their life. Ask your child to explain some of the patterns they have discovered to you and share your knowledge and understanding of our faith patterns with them. Our role as Catholic christian parents is to educate them into the life of their Church and their faith. 

Prayer Intention:     Lord God, Help us all to be people that welcome, protect and care for others. 

Keep safe. God Bless

Detta Fairweather

Deputy Principal / Director of Religious Studies




Financial assistance is available to assist families who may need financial support as a result of the Covid-19 Virus with the payment of 2020 Attendance Dues for students attending Catholic schools in Auckland Diocese, both primary and secondary.
Families facing financial difficulties can contact their school office, their Parish Priest or the Revenue Manager on 09-360-3069 at the Catholic Diocese of Auckland for further information.
Application forms for this assistance are available from school and parish offices, or can be down-loaded from the Catholic Diocese of Auckland Website:


Passion Projects

Do you have a passion or talent you could share with a small group of students? Could you help a child learn how to cook, dance, play an instrument, do a craft, make or create something? Are you able to spare 5 Wednesday afternoons next term from Week 2 to Week 6?

If you were able to answer yes to the questions above then we need your help. 

Our students love to learn new talents and skills and because of this we are looking at running our successful Passion Projects again in Term 3. 

We aim to do Passion Projects on a Wednesday afternoon from 1.20-2.30pm in weeks 2-6 of Term 3. 

To make the options as varied and as interesting as possible for our students we are seeking support from our community. You will be reimbursed any costs and rewarded with the pleasure of seeing a child learn a new skill. 

Please, if you have a skill or talent and can spare one hour a week for 5 weeks send Karen Noble-Campbell an email to let her know what you can share and how many students you would feel comfortable working with. 

You can contact Karen at [email protected]

She is eagerly waiting to hear of all your wonderful skills and talents. 

Go on, don’t be shy! You won’t regret it!



Date to diary 24-28th August Term 3 week 6

We are looking forward to a fun filled week with lots of literacy based activities, competitions, author visits and a book character costume parade! Yes, that’s right, start planning costumes now! More information to follow next term.

Our normal Scholastic book fair has been postponed until next year but our Book Week will still be a fabulous celebration of books and reading!

This beautiful picture book takes children on a journey through emotions associated with anxiety and shows simple yet effective ways to help manage them.  Aroha shows children a tool that she uses for each emotion which includes; movement or exercise, belly breathing or diaphragmatic breathing, mindfulness and connecting with others and sharing our worries.

At the back of the book, there is a section for parents and/or teachers to explore the tools in more depth.  This section expands on the beautiful poem and opens up conversations with our children.  Asking questions around those emotions to make it easier for children to recognise the emotion, and then a simple way to manage it.


Congratulations to Helena Brinker who placed a fantastic 3rd in Category A Pony ‘Show Hunter of the year 2020’.  What an achievement after only one season!

Helena competing in Show Hunter did extremely well for her first time at the biggest National Competition (very big classes and the best riders from the whole of New Zealand!).

Helena did particularly well considering her age and that she only started competing in Show Hunter last season.

Helena can be seen riding the lap of honour on her pony ‘Diego’.


With no Gala this year we are again running one of our fundraising efforts through the sale of Entertainment App.  For every Entertainment Membership sold 20% goes to OUR LADY STAR OF THE SEA SCHOOL.   With thousands of incredible offers on dining, activities, travel and shopping this is the time to get one and save $$ in the coming holidays and until June 2021.

Just scan the QR code below or  order through our school link         

To VIEW what offers are available. …

Heads Held High Programme

We are continuing to run our Heads Held High Programme at the school in Term 3.   This is held during school hours and if you wish your child to be involved please visit the website

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Bricks 4 Kidz is starting Term 3 at Our Lady Star of the Sea.  Two classes per week, one on Tuesday and one onWednesday.   See flyer below for costs.   Free Demonstration on Tuesday 30 June 2.30 – 3.30 p.m. Room 3.  Come and have a look.   

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Term 1   Monday 3 February to Thursday 9 April (teacher only day 3 February)
Term 2   Tuesday 28 April to Friday 3 July  (ANZAC DAY holiday Monday 27 April)
Term 3    Monday 20 July to Friday 25 September
Term 4    Monday 12 October to Friday 18 December (12 noon)