Dear Families,

Welcome to our second newsletter of 2020. We have been very blessed with a great start to the year, with the end of Week 4 bringing further settled weather and each class really getting into the swing of the academic year. There is a real buzz as I move around the school, with classes actively involved and engaged in their learning.

The Season of Lent

On Tuesday of this week, Shrove Tuesday, Father Terry and the Liturgy Leaders prepared the ashes for use in the school and parish for the celebration of Ash Wednesday. You will read more about this and see some images of the experience in our Director of Religious Education section of the newsletter. We are so fortunate to have Father Terry and Father John in such close connection with our school, their wisdom and support is very much appreciated.

Ash Wednesday

On Wednesday we used the ashes created on Shrove Tuesday in our Ash Wednesday Liturgy. Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of the season of Lent, the 40 day lead up to the celebration of Easter. Our DRS Mrs Detta Fairweather has prepared an informative piece later in this newsletter outlining the season of Lent and its significance in our Church year. You will read about the ‘We Can Bring a Can’ Lenten drive for 2020 later in our newsletter too. It is wonderful to move around the school and see and hear children reflecting on their relationship with God and identifying ways they can foster this connection through prayer, right relationships and support of those in need.

Commissioning Mass

Our beginning of the year Commissioning Mass was celebrated in the parish church last Friday. This Mass was a lovely celebration of our special Catholic character at the start of our academic year. As part of this Mass, we acknowledged our senior students who are taking on a role or responsibility in our school this year.  

Dedication Mass

Last Tuesday evening our staff attended Christ the King in Owairaka along with many other educators involved in Catholic Education across the Diocese in a celebration Mass concelebrated by Bishop Pat Dunn, the soon to be ordained Auxiliary Bishop of Auckland Father Michael Gielen and several other priests from our Diocese. As part of the Mass our school candle was blessed for the year. We also acknowledged those throughout the Diocese who obtained certificates in Catholic education. We were proud to congratulate Tracey Elder who received a certificate for the endorsement of her leadership level in Catholic Education, Catherine Sheffield and Lee Marten for obtaining leadership level, Michelle Barnett for completing Living Life to the Full professional development and to Brooke Curtain and Zahira Salejee for completing two years teaching in a Catholic school. I am sure you will join me in congratulating these teachers for their commitment to Catholic education.

Beginning of the Year Picnic

On Thursday evening we held our eagerly anticipated beginning of the year picnic. It was great to see many of our families come along to enjoy a beautiful evening together. The waterslide was as popular as ever, as were the sausages, drinks and iceblocks supplied by the PTA. I would like to thank all those who came along to enjoy the community spirit. Special thanks also to our caretaker Ken for setting up the much-loved waterslide, to our staff for their brave management of the zippy waterslide and to our PTA for their support in the provision of food and drinks. All came together for a very successful evening.

PTA Chocolate Fundraising

I would like to extend a heart felt thanks to the community for supporting the PTA in their chocolate fundraising venture that began last week. As the start of the year is a busy and expensive time for families, we have extended the time frame to sell the chocolates by two weeks to Thursday 12 March. Thank you again for your ongoing support for the PTA and the wonderful work they do.

Staff News

Earlier this week we celebrated alongside Mrs Jan Botherway as her 25 years of service at Our Lady Star of the Sea was acknowledged.  Jan has held many positions over the course of her 25 years and is currently working with Jane McKay supporting our English Language Learners.  Jan’s family have been associated with OLSOS for generations, with her Grandmother attending school on the original site in the early 1900’s, her Mum as an ex-pupil as well as Jan herself! Jan, we commend you for your service, your positivity and your wonderful contribution to Our Lady Star over your 25 years – congratulations and God Bless!

A word from your Traffic Control Team aka ‘The Patrollers’

We are a busy group of students who go out of our way each day to keep you safe while crossing Oakridge Way in the morning and the afternoon. Thank you to all the people who use our service well and make it safely across the road with our support. 

Sadly we have had our eyes out and have noticed some people crossing the road by themselves a little way from the crossing when we are on patrol and therefore not keeping themselves safe. We have also noticed some people parking on yellow lines, parking across driveways and parking in the clearway area outside the school. Doing this is not allowed and it makes our job hard as we are not able to see if the road is clear so we can safely cross our pedestrians. 

Please! Please! Please! If we are out on duty be wise and use us to help you cross the road – we care about your safety. Thank you for your support.


Thank you for all the support with reminders to wear the correct uniform, including hats, especially at this very warm time of year. Our children learn great pride in themselves and their school when the voice from home and school are united in this way.

We have had lots of great events and activities already at the beginning of the year including our Year 5/6 cricket team launching a hugely successful assault at a competition day on Wednesday, our Middle Team Swim Carnival on Tuesday and Tip Top games last Wednesday and senior swimming yesterday. Don’t forget to check out our Facebook page and the ‘online news’ section of our website for updates.

We have a circus show with the theme of ‘resilience’ performing next Wednesday to look forward to as well as our beginning of the year Parent/Teacher Home School Partnership meetings on Thursday afternoon/evening. You will have been sent the booking link for these important meetings already. If you have not sent in your ‘Getting to know your learner’ student profile sheet already, please bring this with you on the night to share with your class teacher.

Wishing you all a very happy, safe and holy start to the Lenten season. I look forward to sharing more school news in our next newsletter in a fortnights time.

Ngā mihi nui
Louise Campbell


Mea ana te atawhai haere mai i runga i te aroha me te awhi

‘Mercy invites us to love and to care’

Ash Wednesday marked the beginning of the Lenten season. Father Terry came to school earlier this week, and with the help of the Liturgy Team, prepared the ashes for the parish Ash Wednesday liturgies. It was a wonderful learning opportunity for us all. The Liturgy Team filmed the process and shared this with classes explaining the process to them. 

Now that Lent has begun, it is time for us to stop and reflect on where we are in our walk with God. Now is an opportune time for us to consider how we respond to God. Lent is more than just saying ‘I’m giving up chocolate’ or ‘I’m giving up TV’ or going without something for 40 days, proving our strength of will power and then going straight back to it at Easter. Lent is a time of change, of ‘cleaning up.’  During Lent we are encouraged to ‘Pray, Share and Fast.’ Often the fasting we do is of no benefit to anyone else and can make us grumpy. Not ideal! Pope Francis shares a different approach to fasting that doesn’t involve chocolates or treats. Here are his suggestions which others will benefit from as well as ourselves.

1.  Fast from anger and hatred. Give our family an extra dose of love each day.

2. Fast from judging others. Before making any judgments, recall how Jesus overlooks our faults.

3. Fast from discouragement. Hold on to Jesus’ promise that He has a perfect plan for our life.

4. Fast from complaining. When we find ourselves about to complain, close our eyes and recall some of the little moments of joy Jesus has given us.

5. Fast from resentment or bitterness. Work on forgiving those who may have hurt us.

6. Fast from spending too much money. Try to reduce our spending by ten percent and give those savings to the poor.

‘We Can Bring a Can’   –    Lent 2020

Our school Lenten outreach this year is in support of the Parish Foodbank. We ask students to bring donations for the parish foodbank each week. It does not necessarily have to be canned food, the foodbank is desperately short of other food items such as rice and crackers as well.

This is a simple way we can support people in our community who are finding things tough and are in need of support. 

Each Friday in Lent Father John is running a series of talks entitled ‘ The Mass’.

A reminder for those enrolled in the parish sacramental programme, the first parent meeting for Confirmations is on Thursday 5 March 7pm in the parish church. Sessions for children enrolled begin on Sunday 8 March at the 5:30 p.m. mass. 

Bishop Elect Father Michael Gielen’s ordination will be celebrated on Saturday 7 March at 11am at the Vodafone Events Centre in Manukau. Bishop Pat encourages as many of you as can make it to attend. There will be a group of students representing the school attending the ordination. We ask any students attending the celebration to proudly wear their school uniform. 

Father Terry has generously offered to make himself available on Monday 16 March at 2pm to chat with parents who would like to know more about our Catholic faith. This is an invaluable time for you as a parent to have those tricky questions answered, grow your own understanding  and deepen your faith base. If you have any questions about the meeting, email [email protected] for more information.

Prayer intention:   E te Atua o te aroha, God of love help us to turn our hearts to others who need our love and support to rebuild their lives.

Detta Fairweather 

Director of Religious Studies



A huge thank you to everyone that has already returned their money and taken extra boxes to sell.  We have extended the date for money to be returned to THURSDAY 12 MARCH.  Don’t forget our Amazing Competitions!!  The first Junior, Middle and Senior class to have all their money back will win a pizza lunch!

We have awesome prizes for our ‘Top Sellers’  –  those who sell the most boxes.  We have added an extra prize this year.   All those that sell more than 1 box but may not be a top seller will go into a draw to win a prize!  If you would like to pay online, the account number is 12-3132-0058312-04.   Please use eldest child’s name and room number as a reference.

THANK YOU  for your continued support.

Nicole Kelly

PTA Chairperson
Ashes on foreheads
It is time to be with God
Forty Days of prayer
Luca Dreaver (Rm18)
Forty days is Lent
I got a cross on my head
I pray everyday
Kayden Ng (Rm18)
This Lent you should try
to give up stuff you don’t need,
To make space for God
Anaiah Smith (Rm18)
Middle Top Town Day

The Middle Team had their Top Town Day on Wednesday the 19th of February. Children were able to get to know their sports teams as they took part in different activities run by the middle team teachers. Some of the games were sack races, an obstacle course, a water race, and an egg and spoon race. It was a fun and successful day enjoyed by the team.

Middle Team Swim Carnival

On the 26th of February, the Middle team students and staff excitedly boarded buses to Shelly Park School to participate in our Swim Carnival. The sun was shining and the water was cool. The Year 4 students took part in swimming the length of the pool and were timed to help with selection of children to swim in the Senior School swimming sports. Well done everyone for giving it your best effort. Next, lots of fun followed with flutter boards, noodles, balls and cones. All the children participated with enthusiasm. Thank you to everyone who came along to support and to those parents who assisted.

Senior Swimming Sports
Today the senior team went to Lloyd Elsmore for their school swimming sports. It was great to see students push themselves outside their comfort zone and push themselves to do their best. Well done!
50m Freestyle 10 year boys

1st Hugo Dougall

2nd Ryan Smeath

3rd  Connor Moulynox-Hicks

50m Freestyle 10 year old girls

1st Leona Yao

2nd Lydia Ellis

3rd Kari Chun

25m Freestyle 8 year old boys

1st Forrest Chen

2nd Cooper Telfer

3rd Sebastian Brownrigg

25m Freestyle 8 year old girls

1st Alexis Kumitau

2nd Millie Berry

3rd Amane Kuok

25m Freestyle 9 year old boys

1st Zion Bidois

2nd Jake Preisig

3rd Alex Baek

25m Freestyle 9 year old girls

1st Izabella Chetty

2nd Chloe Ting

3rd Payton Williams

25m Freestyle 10 year old boys

1st Hugo Dougall

2nd Ryan Smeath

3rd Luke Presig

25m Freestyle 10 year old girls

1st Jua Lee

2nd Leona Yao

3rd Lydia Ellis

25m Backstroke 8 year old boys

1st Cooper Telfer

2nd Forrest Chen

3rd Tyler Dreaver

25m Backstroke 8 year old girls

1st Amane Kuok

2nd Millie Berry

3rd Gaia Carrozzino

25m Backstroke 9 year old boys

1st Zion Bidois

2nd Max Tay-Morrison

3rd Alex Baek

25m Backstroke 9 year old girls

1st Izabella Chetty

2nd Ruolin Xiao

3rd Monica Naylor

25m Backstroke 10 year old boys

1st Hugo Dougall

2nd Luke Preisig

3rd Ryan Smeath

25m Backstroke 10 year girls

1st Leona Yao

2nd Jua Lee

3rd Brooke Phipps

25m Breaststroke 8 year old boys

1st Cooper Telfer

2nd Sebastian Brownrigg

3rd Luke McLaughlin

25m Breaststroke 8 year old girls

1st Millie Berry

2nd Amane Kuok

3rd Amelia Hunt

25m Breaststroke 9 year old boys

1st Zion Bidois

2nd Lucas Kato

3rd Nico Taurima

 25m Breaststroke 9 year old girls

1st Amelia Luo

2nd Athena Luo

3rd Izabella Chetty

 25m Breaststroke 10 year old boys

1st Hugo Dougall

2nd Luke Preisig

3rd Ryan Smeath

25m Breaststroke 10 year old girls

1st Jua Lee

2nd Kari Chun

3rd Leona Yao


8 year old boys champions

1st Cooper Telfer

2nd Forrest Chen

3rd= Sebastian Brownrigg

3rd= Tyler Dreaver



8 year old girls champions

1st Millie Berry

2nd Amane Kuok

3rd Alexis Kumitau

4th= Gaia Carrozzino

4th= Amelia Hunt


9 year old boys champions

1st Zion Bidois

2nd Jake Preisig

3rd= Max Tay-Morrison

3rd = Lucas Kato

5th Alex Baek

6th Nico Taurima

9 year old girls champions

1st Izabella Chetty

2nd Amelia Luo

3rd= Chloe Ting

3rd= Ruolin Xiao

3rd= Athena Luo

10 year old boys champions

1st Hugo Dougall

2nd Ryan Smeath

3rd Luke Preisig

4th Connor Moulynox-Hicks


10 year old girls champions

1st Leona Yao

2nd Jua Lee

3rd= Lydia Ellis

3rd= Kari Chun

5th Brooke Phipps

We have a wonderful team of student librarians this year. They are so enthusiastic and have been busy learning about their new role in the Information Centre.

Jade Howse, Yulia Kwon, Samantha Avis, Daniel Wang, William Chen, Nicola Xue, Keana So, Paige Lim,  Mikayla Lau, Chiron Yung,  Leona Yao, Zoe Lee

Congratulations to Samantha and Chiron who are our head librarians.


The school cricket team played 4 games in the Howick/Pakuranga cricket competition.   Our team did very well winning all 4 games.  We beat Mission Heights by 6 wickets.  We won against Owairoa by 60 runs.  We beat Maraetai by 24 runs.   We won against Sunnyhills by 7 runs.  A hot but enjoyable day, well done boys.  We play our next series of games in early March.  Thank you to Mr Vernon for his coaching skills and to our supporters.


THURSDAY 5 MARCH 2020       2.30 – 5.00 p.m.

It’s time to clean out your cupboards and bring in your second hand uniforms and you will be paid immediately in CASH for these.

You will receive the following: $15 for shirts, $15 for shorts/culottes, $15 for jumpers, $5 for P.E. shorts, $5 for P.E. shirts.

We are unable to accept any ‘old style’ jackets, uniform or hats and socks for hygiene reasons.  As usual the clothes must be in good condition, washed and unstained.

Kerri Hunt

Uniform Shop


  • Congratulations to Helena Brinker (Room 19) who has qualified for the national riding event Horse Of The Year 2020.  This event is the major equestrian event nationwide and will take place in the Hawkes Bay from 8-15 March.  What a special achievement!  We wish Helena every success as she competes in this event. 
  • Congratulations to Jade Howse (Room 22) who has been selected to be part of the Encore Theatre Collective performance of  ‘Rodgers & Hammerstein’s Cinderella’ which will have 6 performances at SkyCity Theatre this July.  This is a huge achievement, as there were a large number of applications and auditions from children and young adults from all over Auckland and only 110 were selected to be part of the cast. We are very proud of Jade and look forward to seeing her name in lights –  where her gift of acting will be shared with many.



Helping Hands has been part of Our Lady Star of the Sea’s culture for quite some time.  It is where our school community comes together to help those in stressful situations i.e. a parent or grandparent being very ill, a family bereavement or a new born baby to the family.We would like those in need to know we care!  If you would like to be a part of this wonderful group of caring people who are called upon once or twice a year to either make a meal or bake a cake,  please click on the link hands and fill out the online form.   Cakes and meals are delivered to the school office and we will distribute them.

As we all know – “we are in this together”.

If we can assist your family or if you hear of any family in our school community please let the office know.     Thank you  

Lisa-Marie Samuel    –    Helping Hands Co-ordinator


Term 1   Monday 3 February to Thursday 9 April  (teacher only day 3 Feb)

Term 2   Tuesday 28 April to Friday 3 July  (ANZAC DAY holiday Monday 27 April)

Term 3    Monday 20 July to Friday 25 September

Term 4    Monday 12 October to Friday 18 December