Dear Families,

This newsletter finds us at the end of our third term. It is hard to believe that we are three-quarters of the way through our school year! Time flies when you are having fun!

Ni hao ma? This week we have celebrated Chinese Language Week. You will have seen posters around the school with different words and phrases in Mandarin and their translations which we have encouraged the children to practice with one another. You may like to try using ‘xie xie’ (thank you), or ‘Qing’ (Please) when talking with your family this week.

Last week we registered our interest with the Confucius Institute and Auckland University in taking advantage of the offer of a Mandarin Learning Assistant for 2020. If we are successful we will share a young Masters graduate from China with two other local schools. This Mandarin Learning Assistant will support our children who speak Mandarin in a love of their home language and culture as well as introducing basic Mandarin to our learners across the school. As China is now our largest trading partner, this is a wonderful opportunity to assist our children to develop an understanding of the culture as well as celebrate and support the home culture of a large proportion of our school population… watch this space!

Middle School Production

What a week! Our Year 3 and 4 learners have had such a busy week after the culmination of a terms worth of hard work in preparation for their show ‘Mystery at Magpie Manor’. They had their dress rehearsal in front of the school on Tuesday, then their first show on Tuesday night, a matinee performance for invited schools on Wednesday and another evening performance on Thursday night. It is safe to say that the middle team certainly rose to the occasion. The performances were well practised and polished – a real credit to the children and to their teachers who have worked so hard in preparing the show. The costumes, music, choreography, sets, lighting, makeup and hair were all superb… and the actors were exemplary. I would like to congratulate our Middle Team Leader Denise Bailey and her team for all of their hard work. Well done and thank you to all involved… many a grandma and aunty were involved in the sewing of the beautiful 1920s costumes. Here are some images of the show.

 Farewell to Sue Kubala

Last Friday we bid farewell to our dear Deputy Principal Sue Kubala who ends her tenure at Our Lady Star of the Sea today after 15 years of service. Sue was farewelled at a fun assembly hosted by the students. The theme of the assembly was ‘Camp’ with Mrs Kubala’s famous camp chant ‘2, 4, 6, 8, we think camp’s great’ turned into ‘2, 4, 6, 8, we think you’re great’ for the occasion. There were prayers, songs and games throughout the assembly, with a special ‘remember when’ campfire sharing highlighting some of our children favourite memories, and the gifting of ‘survival kit’ items that Mrs Kubala may find helpful in her new job. Afterwards, there was an afternoon tea and speeches for the invited guests and parents while the children enjoyed an iceblock treat. Sue is heading to lead the school at St Mary’s in Ellerslie next term. There have been many tears and stories shared over the last few weeks as our team honour and celebrate the gift we have had of Sue’s energy, passion, positivity and spirit for the past 15 years. Sue will be missed, however we are so proud of her as she begins this new journey.

Catholic Schools Chess Tournament

Last week our fabulous chess team competed at the Catholic Schools Chess Tournament at St Paul’s School in Massy. We came away with the trophy for first place in both the beginners and the championship competitions. Congratulations to Jason Cooper, Alicia Cao, Geoffrey Cai and Anson Tse, our first place Beginner’s Team Trophy winners and to Emily Chan, Aaron Santoso, Joseph Chen and Wesley Lau for taking out the first place Championship Team Trophy. Our chess players are on fire!  See later in the newsletter for further results. Thank you to Fr Terry and Damian Cooper for their training skills.











On behalf of the chess team bound for the national finals in October, a big ‘thank you’ for supporting their morning tea sweet stall fundraiser.

Catholic Schools Cross Country

Last week our Year 3-6 cross country team competed in the annual Catholic Schools Cross Country event held at Monte Cecilia Park in Hillsborough. The famous ‘killer hill’ lived up to it’s name as this part of the course sorted the competitors into great and exceptional cross country runners! Our cross country team came 5th overall with many outstanding results, especially Maia Tay Morrison and Jason Cooper taking out first places in the Year 6 girls and boys races, Jessie Christensen taking our third place and Cole Tomkies taking out fourth place in the Year 6 boys race, Liam Martin taking out second place and Zion Bidois taking out fourth in the Year 4 boys race. See later in the newsletter for full results.











Gala Update

We are very excited about our upcoming Gala – it will be upon us in no-time as it is the first Saturday after the holidays, Saturday, October 19th. There were well over 20 cars on Sunday dropping off items for the gala in our containers – thank you, thank you one and all for your support towards making the gala a fabulous community event. Early next term Cake Boxes and fudge containers will come home ready to be filled with deliciousness later in the week to add sugary delight to the day. Thank you in advance for filling these with yummy treats. These are the days our children will remember fondly as part of their childhood memories of our school and the great place it is, filled with community spirit!


Have you an hour to spare on a stall and have fun while doing so.  With three weeks to go before the Gala we still have lots of slots to fill. If we had one parent from each family sign up for just one slot it will make our Gala a huge success.

You will have seen an invitation in your inbox to sign up to help on the day for a short (or extended) period on a variety of stalls using ‘Signup Genius’. If you are able to help out on the day please add your name to the sign-up sheet by following this link.

Gala  Collection  Winners 

Congratulations to Room 13 and Room 8 as winners of the Gala collections for Week 8 and Week 9.  Both Room 13 and Room 8 enjoyed their Gala treats.

Crossing Duty Helpers Needed

Two of our crossing wardens for Term 4 are unable to do duty on a Thursday afternoon and on a Friday afternoon.   If you can help from 2.30 – 3 p.m. on either of these days, please contact the office 538 0195 or email [email protected]     On occasions we are short of helpers due to illness and if you are available to help on a ‘casual basis’ please phone or email the office.

Our term has come to an end with so much out-pouring of love and respect for our dear colleague Sue Kubala as she heads away from our community to lead the community at St Mary’s Ellerslie. We wish her well on her journey and pray that she keeps a special place in her heart for us as she goes. God Bless Sue, we are so proud of you!

Wishing you all a happy and safe two week holiday and we look forward to seeing everyone back on Monday 14th October for a fabulous final term of 2019.

Ngā mihi nui, Zai jian,
Louise Campbell



October – the month of the Rosary

This is the month of the Rosary. The Rosary is a simple prayer, a prayer we say together with Our Lady.

It tells the story of Jesus’ life in four parts:

The Joyful Mysteries focus on Jesus’ birth and early life

The Sorrowful Mysteries focus on His suffering and death

The Glorious Mysteries focus on Jesus’ resurrection and the promise of heaven

The Luminous Mysteries focus on His ministry here on earth

Many Catholics have memories of saying the Rosary as a family during their childhood. Gifting children with memories of family prayer time is a beautiful thing. It is a strong sign of faith and hope. When we return to school in the new term we will gather in the hall on Mondays, Wednesdays and Friday mornings, to pray together one decade of the Rosary starting on the first day of Term 4. All are welcome. Your children could lead your family prayer time at home in a similar way.

Over three evenings in the parish church, October 4, 11 and 18 at 7 p.m. a series of DVD’s on the place of ‘the Blessed Virgin Mary in our Lives’ will be shared. Each evening will start by praying the Rosary together before watching an informative clip on Mary, Mother of God. This initiative carries on from the well received series that took place earlier this year. I strongly encourage you to attend. 


The Cause for Beatification of Venerable Suzanne Aubert

Celebration Sunday is October 6. On this day, people throughout Aotearoa New Zealand will be praying for the Cause for Suzanne Aubert. 
Suzanne Aubert (1835–1926) lived a life of heroic service and compassion. The Sisters of Compassion and the Bishops of New Zealand ask you to pray for the beatification of Suzanne Aubert.


 Lord Jesus Christ, 

you taught us that as often as we show compassion 

to the least of your brothers and sisters, 

we show it to you. 

Hear our prayers that Venerable Suzanne Aubert, 

who loved the Māori people and devoted her life 

to the poor, 

the sick 

and the underprivileged, 

and whom the Church has declared 

to be one of your true and humble followers, 

may soon be recognised as a saint. 


Congratulations to Marli O’Hagan and Sonya Yu who represented our school at the recent inter school Proclaiming the Word scripture competition. Students from Catholic schools around the diocese participated in the competition. Our girls represented us well and we are extremely proud of them. 


Our parish is in need of volunteers for the procession of gifts and collectors for the weekend Masses. Please contact Linda in the parish office if you are able to help with these ministries.


Enrolments for the Parish Sacramental programme open 21 September and close 20 October. Baptised children in Year 3 and above are eligible to enrol. More information is on the school website


Kia hari koa, ka uru tera wairua ki tena ki tena

Be cheerful and happy, generating life in those around you

Prayer Intention: We pray we come to recognise God’s life giving presence in our daily lives.

Detta Fairweather


Hello to the families and extended Whanau of Our Lady Star of the Sea.

This is my fist newsletter contribution as your new Board of Trustees Chairperson.

Mr Stephen MacKenzie has stepped down as chairperson but will continue to serve the community as a Board member. We thank Stephen for his service and dedication as Chairperson, where he has been a great asset to both the school and the wider community.

Currently, the Board are busy supporting Louise Campbell and the team to facilitate the Education Review Office (ERO) review that is scheduled for mid-November.  Louise Campbell, Detta Fairweather, Karen Noble-Campbell & Yohann Cuer attended an ERO seminar in Hamilton which helped highlight the process and expectations of the ERO review. As a Board, we will be working hard to ensure a positive outcome from the review.

We are getting closer to formalising a date for the COLA installation (Canopy over senior playground). We have received the engineers report as well as the installers input into the ‘how’ of the canopy (including the water detention tank) installation.  The quotes are in and we are awaiting the pushing of the “Go’ button.

We would again like to wish Mrs Kubala all the best at St Mary’s in Ellerslie. They are incredibly fortunate to have her, just as we were blessed to have her at Our Lady Star of the Sea for the past 15  years. I understand the school and community came together to show her our thanks and thoughts.

God Bless



Up to date statements will be emailed next week to show the outstanding amounts for the remainder of the year.   Term 4 payments are due by  Friday 15 November.  Could all overdue amounts for Terms 1, 2 and 3 please be paid by Wednesday 2 October.  After this time, if contact has not been made by payment or by emailing our Executive Officer, Sue Yandell at:  [email protected] – statements will be forwarded to the Catholic Diocese for follow up.  If you would like to discuss your account, apply for hardship or arrange a payment plan, please contact Sue Yandell before Wednesday 2 October.  We remind you that all contributions are eligible for a tax certificate to claim as donations to the school.  Anyone wishing to have support in arranging this claim can contact [email protected]


Thank you for the ongoing support – the Gala on October 19th is going to be a blast!
















From Room 4  …

Sabbath Space

I can feel the Holy Spirit in the warm spring sunshine and the cold blowing wind.

I can hear the Holy Spirit in the gentle rush of the water wheel.

I can see the Holy Spirit in the beauty of the Sabbath Space.

I can smell the Holy Spirit as the bushes, trees and grass.

Mia Yandell

Age 6

Sabbath Space

I feel the Holy Spirit when I feel the wind and I hear the water splashing.

I smell flowers and they smell nice.

I see bushes and trees.

I feel the Holy Spirit when the trees blow and woosh.

Isabella Dellabarca

Age 6

Sabbath Space

I can feel the Holy Spirit and peace inside my heart when I watch the Water Wheel. 

I also feel love when I look at the flowers. 

I feel the Holy Spirit when I take a breath.

I feel comfortable when I look around and see God’s creations in the Sabbath Space.

The Holy Spirit helps me believe in myself.

Cooper Quinn

Age 6




Two knock hockey tables where completed (built from scratch) by the Mr Baird’s aspiring young building team for Passion Projects. These hockey tables will be hugely popular to play on during morning tea and lunch time. 

Thank you Mr Baird and ‘aspiring young builders’ Team.



Lots of classes are enjoying sharing this beautiful new book, Aroha’s way.

It is having a huge impact since its release earlier this year, as it takes children on a journey through emotions associated with anxiety and shows simple yet effective ways to help manage them. There are also some useful parent notes at the back of the book to facilitate conversation.

If you’d love to share this book with your family please get in contact [email protected] 

or for your own personal copy find out more here:



Catholic Schools Chess Tournament at St Paul’s School Massey

Congratulations to all the students who took part in the recent chess tournament. We entered four teams. Two teams in the beginners competition and two teams in the championship competition.

We placed individually as well as winning the two trophies for first place in the team section. A big THANK YOU to Damian Cooper and Father Terry for helping train our students each week at school.

Individual Results

Alicia Cao 2nd place Beginners Board 2

Anson Tse 1st place  Beginners Board 4

Aaron Santoso 3rd place  Championship Board 2

Noah Kato 3rd place  Championship Board 3

Emily Chan 1st place  Championship Board 3

Joseph Chen 2nd place Championship Board 4

Team Results

1st Place Beginners’ Team Trophy

Jason Cooper

Alicia Cao

Geoffrey Cai

Anson Tse

1st Place Championship Team Trophy

Emily Chan

Aaron Santoso

Joseph Chen

Wesley Lau


Catholic Schools Cross Country

On Thursday 19 September we had a wonderful day over at Monte Cecilia Park. The sun was shining and our teams ran their little hearts out!

Every one of our children gave their best effort and we had a number of placings which gave us 5th overall placing as a school.

Congratulations to our top placings:

Year 3 Girls

Emily Lazarte-Simic – 15th place

Year 3 Boys

Isais Chan-Mow – 19th place

Year 4 Boys

Liam Martin- 2nd place

Zion Bidois – 4th place

Nico Taurima – 9th place

Toby Stewart – 19th place

Year 4 Girls

Athena Luo – 20th place

Year 6 Girls

Maia Tay-Morrison – 1st place

Siobhan O’Rourke – 11th place

Lola Penfold – 15th place

Kiarna Makoare – 19th place

Amelia McKenzie – 20th place

Year 6 Boys

Jason Cooper – 1st place

Jesse Christensen – 3rd place

Cole Tomkies – 4th place

Ryder Brownrigg – 9th place

Aidan Stackpole – 19th place


2019 New Zealand Junior Rugby Festival Taupo

Congratulations to Luke Dougherty and his Beachlands Maraetai Under 11 Rugby Team for their valiant efforts at their recent tournament in Taupo. Luke was the top try scorer for the team in the tournament. The team was awarded the Best and Fairest Team for the 11th grade. The team’s efforts and behaviour on and off the field was recognised and rewarded – well done Luke, we are very proud!


































Auckland Transport   –   Changes to Puhinui Station from September 28th – October 14th 2019

As some students at your school may travel by train as part of their school commute or in the weekends, I am writing to let you know about changes being made to the Puhinui Train Station.From 28th September to early 2021, Puhinui Station will be closed to allow for construction of the new interchange. As part of the closure, the station footbridge connecting Puhinui Road will be temporarily unavailable to public access from 28th September – 14th October 2019. To maintain the safety of all Auckland Transport customers, especially school children who regularly cross the footbridge at Puhinui Station, we ask that Bridge Street be used as an  alternative access (as per image below). During the station closure, Auckland Transport is introducing a new, free Puhinui – Papatoetoe loop bus service.  This will service Puhinui Station commuters travelling north, south and to Manukau.


















New Zealand School Parents Community

This group aims to provide a platform for parents to share parenting and children education and experiences and suggestions. We encourage everyone to setup play dates and social.

I have found that many of our Chinese parents don’t really understand New Zealand’s education system. The only way for many parents to get knowledge was to ask friends who themselves may not know. Therefore, I built this group and hoped that we can share information and find answers to questions about primary and secondary education in New Zealand.

Parents of children in early education are also welcome.

Please do not advertise in the group.

To join, please scan my QR code and I will pull you into the group.

My QR code:






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