On Friday six very enthusiastic classes braved the elements to take part in some mercy  action. They spent the morning at Ohuiarangi (Pigeon Mountain) doing some tree planting to help the Auckland Council and local iwi restore the wetlands.
Rooms 22, 21, 18, 17,16 and 12 came to school prepared for what was to come and bravely boarded the bus, in the rain, to start their journey.
When they arrived there were many seedlings waiting to be planted. Every student, teacher  and parent helper got stuck in, working collaboratively, to plant as many plants as they could in the space of an hour and a half.
It was VERY muddy and many a foot or spade got stuck in the boggy conditions.
Over 600 plants were planted in that short space of time and when we left the area looked amazing and so did we!
The other classes in the school, with the exception of Rooms 9 and 10, were supposed to take part as well in the afternoon session. Sadly their adventures had to be cancelled due to such muddy conditions – we just couldn’t risk losing a small person in the mud – never to be seen again!
A huge thank you to all the parent helpers that joined us on the trip – you were amazing – working tirelessly for the good of the students and the environment.
Thank you too to Auckland Council for providing everyone with a very yummy lunch as well as paying for the buses to transport us there and back.
For those that missed out on the planting there will be a Saturday planting event in the near future so hopefully you’ll be able to go along as a family and do your bit for the environment as well as take part in some mercy actions yourselves – we’ll keep you posted on that one.