On Tuesday afternoon the senior team gathered for their annual speech final. Each class had two representatives that were selected after holding their in-class speech contest.
The participants were Wesley Lau, Haidee Smith, Billie-Jean Erihe, Rod Allen, Yulia Kwon, Leon Earl, Aaron Santoso, Lara Oliver, Ben Bongiovanni, Maia Tay-Morrison, Connor Kumitau and Tayla Kay.
Topics ranged from Astronauts will find life on other planets to Why bees are important, Pollution, The apple, Dogs are better than cats and Donald Trump would make a great big brother.
Every representative did their absolute best and the calibre of all speeches was very high – it was a hard job for our judges; Erica from Heads Held High and Mrs Kubala.
Congratulations to Maia Tay-Morrison for her win with the topic of Words and to Ben Bongiovanni who was runner up with his topic of Why everyone should own a pair of gumboots.

Maia will now go on to represent our school at the HPPA speech finals on the 10th of September. We wish her well.