Dear Families,

Welcome back to Term 3 and our first newsletter of the term.

Our concept this term is: Our Catholic faith empowers us to take action and bring Joy to our world. In shaping up our connected curriculum it is easy to see the links between our term 1 concept, exploring the dispositions when faced with challenge through adventure, to term 2, exploring elements of harmony, both relationally and in our earth systems, leading into this term’s theme of action. This term, using what we know about ourselves when faced with challenges and our understanding of harmony and disharmony in our world, we will explore ways of taking action to create, enforce or support harmony in our common home, looking at acting locally while thinking globally. 

Bishop Patrick Dunn – 25 Years as Bishop

Our community wishes to congratulate Bishop Pat on 25 years as Bishop on July 25th. We thank Bishop Pat for his leadership, hard work and commitment to the Diocese of Auckland.

Altar Servers

On Monday at our first assembly for the term, Fr John Fitzmaurice spoke to the school, inviting any children who have made their first communion to train as altar servers, or, alongside their family to welcome parishioners at the start of Masses or take up the gifts at offertory time. If you have a child who is interested, or, as a family are interested in these ministries within our church community, please be in contact with Detta Fairweather our DRS by emailing [email protected] Any children training to be altar servers will join the 13 OLSOS children who trained during the holidays. Congratulations to Emerson Hohaia, Evie Hohaia, Nyall Serrao, Ruiqi Jiang, Andrew D’Silva, Rod Allen, Andy Mascarenhas, Kinson Tse, Anson Tse, Matthew Mills, Niamh Falinatule, Madeleine Hunter and Amane Kuok, all who are new altar servers at Star of the Sea Parish.

National Vocations Week

This coming week is National Vocations Week. We pray for our Priests and Religous Brothers and Sisters who do so much work broadly in our community, from health care to education to pastoral care amongst many other things.

This Sunday’s readings at Mass seek for us to consider our faith as a richness in our lives that gives meaning and purpose beyond material wealth. We are called on to pause and think about what our vision of having ‘enough’ means and whether there is room for supporting those whose ‘enough’ is different from ours, which is real faith in action. Click here for this Sundays’ readings.

Teacher Only Day 22nd July

Our whole staff engaged in a fabulous retreat day, learning more about Maori Spirituality and how this connects with our delivery of teaching and learning programmes in our school. You will read more about this in our DRS section of this newsletter. Thank you for your support and understanding as we work on ensuring all of our staff grow in their understanding of faith and how this impacts all elements of our relationships both here at school, in our community and our wider personal lives.

Chess Team to National Tournament

Our fabulous team of 5 Chess players have made it through the local chess competition, experienced success at the regional champs and have made it through to the National Chess Competition which will be held in Christchurch later in the year. This is an incredible achievement and we offer them and their coach Damian Cooper sincere congratulations for this amazing effort.

Yesterday, they also competed in a second competition and qualified to represent our school at another tournament in Palmerston North! It is safe to say they are on fire!

Joseph Chen, William Chen, Emily Chan, Aaron Santoso and Wesley Lau are now raising funds through various activities, including the well supported sweet stall on Tuesday of this week raising $465, in order to get to the Nationals. I am sure the community will join me in congratulating them and supporting their fundraising efforts which includes a generous sponsorship from our fabulous PTA.

Slow Down Around Schools Campaign

Last Friday the NZ Police and Auckland Transport teamed up to support our Travelwise team in their Slow Down Around Schools Campaign. The children were all kitted out in high vis vests alongside the Police ready to measure the speed of cars travelling up Orangewood Drive. No sooner had they measured Mr Vernon travelling at a very respectable 49kms per hour on his way to school, when the Police were called to an urgent job (Mr Vernon was stopped and given a prize for his great efforts!). The NZ Police and Auckland Transport will be back in the next couple of weeks to work with our Travelwise team to complete this important initiative to help local drivers remember the importance of maintaining a reasonable speed around our local streets. Thanks to Sue Kubala for all of the work she does with the Travelwise team.

Parking at pick up time

Many of you will have noticed added monitoring of the main entrance to the school at pick up time recently. I would like to take this opportunity to thank our families who park and walk into school to collect their children, using the footpaths and pedestrian crossing on Oakridge Way and across the staff carpark while avoiding walking directly across the bus bay. I would also like to take this time to remind our wonderful families that parking in the staff carpark at the end of the day to collect children is not permitted. We are very safety conscious in this area of our school as many of our children exit across the pedestrian crossing at the mouth of the staff carpark and we endeavour to keep the bus bay clear of children and cars while the busses are being loaded and children are leaving the school.

Recent Events

There have been lots of fantastic experiences for our children in the first two weeks of this term including the resumption of our passion projects (the last session in round 1 finished on Wednesday of this week, with a sharing week next week and then round 2 beginning the week after), Year 1 and 2 pedestrian safety assembly with Auckland Transport in support, inflatable soccer, Otago problem solving, ICAS English, J2 netball, a Year 5/6 girls football competition, a local chess tournament.

On Wednesday we held our annual school cross country (see images below) which was a fabulous event (plus or minus unfortunate rain/hail) that was well run and well supported by our parent community. I would like to thank Karen Noble Campbell, Zahira Salajee and Michelle Barnett for their organisation.

None of these activities can happen in our school without the input and extra work and organisation of our wonderful teaching and support staff. I wish to thank them all for their hard work on behalf of our school in making Our Lady Star of the Sea a fabulous place to be for our young learners.

We have so much to look forward to over the next couple of weeks, including the HPPA Dance Festival. Our OLSOS staff are organising and hosting this on behalf of the HPPA over two nights next week at Somerville Intermediate. We also have the HPPA Cross Country and EPro 8 competition for some of our fabulous learners coming up soon amongst many other exciting events.

Wishing you all a blessed, happy and safe fortnight ahead and I look forward to sharing more school news with you in next fortnight’s newsletter.

Ngā mihi nui

Louise Campbell



The Teacher Only Day led by Richard Kerr Bell Monday July 22 empowered all present to consider how we as individuals and as a school community uphold and reflect Māori Spirituality to our students. Richard walked us through many different aspects of kaupapa Māori but most importantly reinforced the need for everyone to know their own identity. Where they come from. What makes them great. What has moulded them to be who they are. Another reminder of how important it is for our students to be grounded in the knowledge of their family, their faith, their feelings. If we don’t know ourselves and our own stories we won’t understand and empathise with others and their story. 

The concept focus for Term 3 is Action. From a special character lens the teaching and learning focus question is What is Catholic Faith in action? Our parish St Vincent de Paul (SVDP) society is an excellent example of this. The Vincentians Mission is ‘to work to provide person to person, practical and effective help to those in need; sharing their burdens and joys; sowing seeds of hope, and promoting human dignity, justice, and self sufficiency.’ Wherever there is a Catholic parish there is a Saint Vincent de Paul society, making this group the most out reaching in Aotearoa New Zealand. One of the ways our school partners with the parish SVDP group is through donations to the foodbank. This is a perfect example of a simple way to put our Catholic faith in Action. The parish foodbank provides over 20 food parcels to local families each month. Donations of clothing, bedding and household furniture is distributed to those in need within the local and wider south Auckland community.  We thank you for your own going support of this group. 

“Whenever you did it for any of my people, 

no matter how unimportant they seemed, 

you did it for me.” 

Matthew 25:40


The Religious Education strand Communion of Saints begins this term’s RE teaching and learning programme. Students will learn about different Saints, the work they did, their dedication to their faith and the gifts they shared. Pope Francis wrote a letter about Saints. He reminds us that Saints don’t have to be people from the past. Saints can be the ordinary people who put their Catholic faith into Action. The ‘saints next door’, as he puts it, are the ordinary people who do special things to support others, give of their time and talents to help out, to care, to be there for others because of their faith and belief in God. Talk with your child about the people you know who do things like this to make the world a better place. Our Pope invites all of us to be ‘saints next door.’


‘May Catherine’s original vision and the wairua of 

our founders inspire us today; not to do what they 

did then, but to be where they would be if they were 

here now standing in our shoes.’ 

Atawhai Mai Atawhai Atau. 2014


The Feast of the Assumption is our school and parish Patronal Feast. It is the day we honour Mary, the Mother of Jesus,  Mother of us all, as we remember how she was assumed into heaven, body and soul. Pope John Paul II presented Mary as a model of what it means to be a faithful disciple. She heard the word of God and acted on it. We too are called to do this as followers of Jesus. Her life would not have been an easy one.   Like many today she knew hardship, poverty and heartbreak.  Yet she also knew love, joy and peace. Her life story is a model for us of maia, manaaki, tika, awhina, and ngawari. We will reflect on the many aspects of Mary’s life at our school mass, Thursday 15 August, 10:30am in the school hall and at the parish church 6:30pm followed by dinner at Mehmaan Restaurant, Uxbridge Road, 7:30pm. The cost per head for the dinner is $22. Sign up sheets are in the parish foyer or leave your name with Linda in the parish office – 534 8710.

Prayer Intention:   God of love and compassion, strengthen us as ‘saints next door’ so we can act with love to make our world a better place.

Detta Fairweather

Director of Religious Studies  



Annunciation Story

God sent an angel to Mary.  The message was Mary you are going to be the Mother of God.  You are going to have a baby.  The baby’s name is going to be Jesus.

With God everything can be possible.

Luigi Mannel

Room 3




Thank you to all families for their efforts at selling the Cow Pat raffle tickets and getting your money and stubs in by today. We appreciate your hard work!

The classes who got all of their money and stubs in first, therefore qualifying for an extended morning tea and iceblock on Monday are:

Junior Team: Room 2 Mrs Waters

Middle Team: Room 16 Miss Curtain

Senior Team: Room 18 Mrs Noble-Campbell and Mrs Penney

Congratulations to those classes and thanks once again for all of the support and hard work school-wide.

Indian Food Stall Request

As you know, at our annual Gala we have wonderful food stalls representing the different cultures of our community. This year we are looking at the possibility of adding an Indian food stall to our Gala offerings. If you are keen as a family to be involved in an Indian food stall at the gala please be in touch with Tina Moulynox   [email protected]

Items for the Gala – Container Drop Offs

You will have received a hard copy of the drop off weeks for items for the Gala (See below).  We have printed on pink paper so you can stick on the fridge for reference as we work together preparing for a successful day.  Keep an eye out for our new dedicated Gala Facebook page. It can be accessed from our school Facebook page. If you click ‘like’ it will inform you through your newsfeed of upcoming information leading up to the big day.  Please share our gala Facebook page with friends and family.

Items can be dropped off on Friday afternoons from 2.15pm to 3.00pm, and on the weekend dates as advised in the flyer that came home.

If you are dropping items off to the Gala team, please take them in boxes/bags labelled with what is inside to the containers at the back of the staff carpark where our fabulous ‘Container Chicks and Chaps’ will sort and store them ready for Saturday 19th October.  Please do not drop your items at the office.


A huge thank you to everyone that supported our Math-A-Thon Fundraiser.  Our total raised is $5400.  This money will go towards new basketball hoops and sports equipment for our school.
Price $70 ($14 profit to school)
View deals  in the Entertainment Book before you purchase – you won’t believe what you can save!!
If you wish to PURCHASE either a digital membership or an Entertainment Book (book format) please CLICK LINK       Books can also be purchased from the school office.


Senior School Pizza Reading Challenge

Next week we are excited to introduce the Pizza Reading Challenge for senior school students. 

The Reading Challenge sponsored by the NZ Book Awards Trust and Hell pizza is a well-established programme, now in its sixth year. It has been hugely successful in getting kids reading and enjoying the pleasures of stories – with the bonus of free pizza rewards.

Children will be encouraged to read a variety of books at their level – each book will be signed off on their pizza wheel. On completion of 7 books, their signed and school stamped wheel can be taken to Hell Pizza for a free 333 pizza reward.


Here are the rules:  

  • Each pizza wheel is good for one 333 Kids’ Pizza from any Hell Pizza store nationwide. 
  • The wheel must be clicked off and signed by a teacher/librarian, and stamped with the official school stamp.  
  • One pizza per visit per child.  
  • Wheels are non-transferable for money.
  • Children must redeem their free pizza in person, and before Tuesday 3 December 2019




On Friday 5 July the J2 netball team played Ormiston at OLSOS. It was a challenging game, and Ormiston had some strong players. However, we worked really well as a team, with some excellent defending, and some great passing and shooting. We came away with an 11-8 win. The girls were excited to have had a convincing win, and are looking forward to the next game.

Girls Football




Congratulations to Hugo Dougall, Ryan Smeath and Aiden Stackpole who competed in a Rugby Tournament in Australia in the school holidays. They did incredibly well, playing three games without conceding a single point. Hugo scored 2 tries in each game he played and Ryan Smeath was outstanding in all three games!
64-0 vs Lindfield
65-0 vs Eastern Suburbs
50-0 vs Northern Barbarians




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