School Cross Country

This event will be occurring on Wednesday the 31st of July from 9.30am.

All students are expected to support their house by wearing their school colours and cheering each house member on as they run.

We are holding this event on the school field this year and all the teams will be doing a large amount of their running course on the field. The start of each race will be on the lower courts away from the crowds.

Each team has a different course, which the students are aware of, so ask them about where they are running to get an understanding of the best viewing points for yourself.

There will be clear areas roped off for parent observation and it would be appreciated if you could use these areas while the races are on to ensure you do not interfere with the different running tracks.

The times indicated below are our intended start times. We will do our absolute best to stick to these start times however the times are approximate depending on the length of time it takes to complete each race.



                                                               GIRLS               BOYS

YEAR 4     9.40 a.m.        9.55 a.m.     1200 m

YEAR 3    10.05 am.      10.20 a.m.    1200m

YEAR 2    10.35 a.m.      10.50 a.m.    1000 m

YEAR 1    11.05 a.m.      11.20 a.m.     800 m

YEAR 5    11.35 a.m.      11.40 a.m.     2500 m

YEAR 6    11.55 a.m.      12.00 a.m.     2500 m


We hope you will be able to come to school for a short time to support the students when they are running. They have all been working hard with their training and are very excited about the event.

Thank you for your continued support and please pray for fine weather.

Michelle Barnett, Zahira Salejee and Karen Noble-Campbell

2019 Cross Country Co-ordinators