Dear Families,

This newsletter finds us at the end of our second term at school for 2019, half way through our academic year.

As we reflect on our busy term, following our theme of Harmony, it is easy to see many examples of the way harmony has been explored through different curriculum areas. As we are developing key competencies and dispositions in our learners, I hear teachers and children talking about bringing harmony to their relationships, both at school and home by exploring positive actions to support each other and bring joy to those around them. I see the exploration of earth systems in science lessons, discovering the harmony in such systems as the water cycle, and a variety of other parts of God’s creation. The exploration of disharmony and the impact of humans on our earth systems has also formed a significant part of our learning this term, preparing ourselves for our Term 3 focus of taking action; looking at ways we can be active in maintaining or sustaining elements of God’s creation.  The connected curriculum focus school-wide and professional development our teaching staff engage in through the Understanding by Design curriculum mapping process enables our teachers to deliver robust programmes that deliberately build on concepts in order to deepen the learning experience for our learners with the aim of having them transfer their learning at school into their wider lives as they grow into valued contributors in our society.

House Mass

Last Sunday Maher House led 5.30pm Mass at Star of the Sea Parish. It was wonderful to have our students lead the Mass with Maher House students doing themselves, their families and their school proud as greeters, readers, altar servers, and offertory ministers as well as the fabulous choir leading all of us with beautiful singing. Thanks to those who came along to celebrate Mass together and to Mrs Karen Noble-Campbell for her support in the preparation of the Mass. We also celebrated those children who have recently made their first reconciliation, confirmation and first communion with beautiful certificates of commemoration.

At this Sunday’s Mass the readings prompt us to think of our gifts and how we use our strengths to support those around us. Just as Jesus built up the community and was unique in calling on the gifts of all people in a community, we all have something to offer to the world around us, and in sharing our gifts we give life to the Church community. Follow this link to Sunday’s readings.

Board of Trustees

Our new Board of Trustees had their first meeting on Tuesday 25th June. It is with much joy that we welcome new board members to our Board of Trustees and continue the journey alongside members that have been re-elected onto the board. Congratulations and thank you to Chontelle Bidois, Vaughan Fraser, Kerri Hunt, Sunil Serrao, (all new members) and Father John Fitzmaurice, Stephen McKenzie (Chair), Yohann Cuer, Alina Hooper, John Kuok, Louise Campbell and Karen Noble-Campbell (members continuing their service to the school community)


Our fabulous PTA met on Monday 1st July to share successes this term and to plan ahead. In sharing their successes we cannot underestimate the wonderful work they do, such as their fabulous support providing afternoon tea for our Community Dreaming Day in May, our Book Fair, Mathathon Fundraiser, sausage sizzles, disco and the fantastic parents afternoon tea which was held last Friday. Many of these events raise money to support initiatives across the school and all of them further the community connections in our school which make this place a fabulous place to be. Thanks to Nicole Kelly, Tina Moulynox, Donnelle Nunes and the team for all of their hard work for our children and our community.

Gala Update

Today you would have received a notice about the different types of items we are eager to have donated in preparation for the Gala.  This went out in hard copy so you can stick it on your fridge for ready access over the holidays which may be a good time for you to have a sort out and set items aside, (it certainly will be for me!). We are so grateful to the PTA for replacing the old container which is permanently on site beside the staff carpark, in order for us to store school and Gala items in preparation for the big event. Once the collections start we will also have additional containers on site to store all of the items that come along each week in preparation for October 19. The collection schedule outlining each week of Term 3 and what items we will be calling for each week will come out at the start of Term 3. Thanks to those who have already started setting items aside at home, ready for the collection weeks – it is going to be a great community day, which we are all very much looking forward to.

Teacher Only Day Monday 22nd July

As you will be aware Monday 22nd July is a Teacher Only Day, meaning school is closed for pupils. On this day our staff will learn more about Maori Spirituality and explore connections to our lives and faith journey in order to develop our understanding to better share this with our children. We look forward to this opportunity as a staff. For families needing care for their children that day, Bizzy Bodz is running a full day programme out of our school hall. School will commence for term 3 on Tuesday 23rd July.

Our final two weeks of term have continued to be filled with exciting happenings. Of special note is our Writers Quiz students, who came second in the HPPA Writers Quiz last Friday, an amazing feat against strong competition. This placing is a first for our school, so we are very proud (see Information Centre News for more details later in this newsletter). We have also had students representing the school at the HPPA Hockey Field Day and U45 Rugby Field Day. I look forward to the opportunity to continue sharing the great happenings in our school community through the ‘Online News’ tab on our website and in our fortnightly newsletters next term.

Wishing you all God’s abundant blessings over the holiday period, a chance to rest, rejuvenate and prepare for another busy and exciting term ahead.

Ngā mihi nui

Louise Campbell



Students learning this term has been focused on Harmony with the enduring understanding being ‘Our faith challenges us to respect and build harmony and bring joy to the world we live in.’

The God strand has been tightly connected to this. The days of completing endless worksheets dominating the religious education teaching and learning programme are over. Students are encouraged to share their learning in different ways. Two of our senior students Brooke Phipps and Millie Kirilo (Room 23)  created a very catchy rap to show their learning.    CLICK LINK  to view this wonderful rap ‘Laudato Si’! 

Next term’s concept focus is Action with the enduring understanding being ‘Our Catholic faith empowers us to take action and bring joy to our world.’ During the holidays, discuss with your child how your faith, as a Catholic christian, empowers you to take action and bring joy to our world. Father John highlighted at mass on Sunday, our world includes our home, our workplace, our community, our country.

One way to show your children how to put your Catholic faith into action is by supporting groups like the Saint Vincent de Paul Society. Our parish St Vincent de Paul group is currently seeking donations of bedding in good condition  – blankets, duvets, comforters, linen – to support those who are struggling with limited resources. The temperature has dropped and we are all feeling it. If you are able to help by ‘sharing your gifts’ please drop your donations to either the parish or school office.

Manaakitia te katoa

Share your gifts with others

Barbier house led the end of term house assembly today. During the assembly, our school value of Manaaki – Respect was highlighted. We promote this value with the students by encouraging them to look after and care for the environment with love and pride; to value others thoughts, actions, ideas and beliefs; to value themselves. Respect is something that is earned, it is linked to our own culture and acknowledges the tapu – ness or sacred – ness of each one of us.  As Catholic christians we know each one of us has been created ‘in the image and likeness of God.’  Students who have been noticed for consistently showing this school gospel value in action were acknowledged.

Prayer Intention:     Spirit of God, help us to respond generously to the needs of others in thoughts, words and deeds.

Detta Fairweather

Director of Religious Studies  



Nga mihi nui nga mihi mahana ki a koutou.

I can’t believe that it is the last day of term two 2019 already. This term has seen your old Board of Trustees go out of office and your new Board take office following the triennial election. I would like to take this opportunity to recognise the contrition of and farewell two Board members who have left office from the Board – Jacq White and Ian Olan – and welcome four new Board members – Chontelle Bidois, Vaughan Fraser, Kerri Hunt and Sunil Serrao – who have taken office to the Board. I would particularly like to thank Jacq who has been on the Board for the last ten years and has contributed hours and hours of her time to our School over that time as Board member and Deputy Chair. Jacq – your contribution has been invaluable. Your other Board members, Louise Campbell, Yohann Cuer, Fr John Fitzmaurice, John Kuok, Karen Noble-Campbell and myself return for another three year term.

Your Board continues to progress the canopy over the upper netball court with the Diocese. The Diocese has decided to engage its own engineer to investigate the potential stormwater flows from the canopy and, if necessary, design a stormwater drainage system that will ensure that the canopy does not result in flooding of our classrooms during torrential rainfall events. It may take the Diocesan engineer some time to work through this but you can be assured that your Board is committed to working with the Diocese to make sure the stormwater drainage investigations are complete as speedily as possible.

I was at school at lunchtime a couple of weeks ago to watch our School netball team play Owairoa. It was the first time I have seen our loose parts shed in use. It was in demand. There were children making cars, children playing musical instruments, children making all sorts of amazing creations at the mud kitchen, amongst other things. It was good to see our children getting so much use, fun and learning from the shed. Thanks to Karen Noble-Campbell for driving this initiative, and thanks to everyone who donated loose parts for the shed. It’s really pleasing to see the result.

Finally, your Board has been very happy with our School’s community dreaming day. We now have heaps of valuable feedback which we can use to develop our vision and our strategic plan to ensure that they include and reflect your voice. I would like to thank the senior leadership team for organising the day, our teachers for giving up their time on a Saturday to attend the day and facilitate the various sessions, Paul Campbell and the Sancta team for looking after the children and the PTA for organising the wonderful afternoon tea. We couldn’t do it without everyone’s help.

Finally, best wishes for a safe and enjoyable holiday. We will see you all at the beginning of term three. 

God Bless

Stephen McKenzie



The school will be closed on the first day of Term 3 – Monday 22 July for Teacher Only Day.

Bizzy Bodz will be onsite in the hall to cater to those parents who wish to enrol their children in the fun programme provided.   For enrolment please book online ‘Special Day Booking’.


Passion Projects Years 3-6

Round one of our Passion projects has gone extremely well on a Wednesday afternoon this term. We have two more rotations at the beginning of next term and then we intend to begin round two for six weeks, beginning on Wednesday 14 August from 1.30 – 2.30pm until Wednesday 18 September.

 The children have enjoyed the varied number of passions to select from.

This has happened due to a number of parents and staff who have shared their passion and skills. A huge thank you to everyone for your commitment, enthusiasm and time. This is very much appreciated. We have had fun!

Next term we are looking for more adult helpers to join us. If you have a passion (craft, music, building, technology, cooking etc etc) that you would like to share with a small number of students, we would love to hear from you.  

We are happy to answer any questions you may have.

Please email Sue Kubala at [email protected]


PTA – Mathathon

A big thank you to everyone for supporting our mathathon this term. As of today we have raised just over $5,000.  Mathathon money can still be returned to school next term. Once our canopy area is completed this money will be used to purchase and install new basketball/netball hoops on the top court.


Afterschool Classes Term 3

CLICK ON LINK  T3_2019 New Class  to view  information for afterschool classes available for Term 3.   All afterschool classes have some spaces available (spaces will be given to first in, first served).  Please email [email protected] as soon as possible to confirm your child’s booking.

If your child is a returning student to a class, your place is secured (there is no need to resubmit the form).



Start gathering your items today!!

Don’t forget, if you are keen to be a sponsor for our Gala email [email protected] to be in touch.



Price $70 ($14 profit to school)
View deals  in the Entertainment Book before you purchase – you won’t believe what you can save!!
If you wish to PURCHASE either a digital membership or an Entertainment Book (book format) please CLICK LINK       Books can also be purchased from the school office.


Book Fair

Once again the Scholastic Book Fair was a great success. It was wonderful to see children excited about reading and the opportunity to purchase new books.  

A huge thank you to everyone who purchased a book. With over $5,800 worth of books sold, we will receive a large percentage of Scholastic rewards to put towards further purchases for the Information Centre. A big thank you also to the parents who helped set up the fair and assisted with book sales in the mornings and afternoons – your contribution was greatly appreciated.

The titles below were extremely popular with many reorders made during the week – they will be perfect for holiday reading!


Writers Quiz 2019 

Last Friday the writers quiz group headed off to Baverstock Oaks School to compete in the Writers Quiz competition!  

It was sooooo much fun!!! There were 13 schools competing and 25 teams of children. When we got there we found our seats and waited for it to start. There were lots of hard questions but we could handle it. 


Emily Chan, Wesley Lau, Maia Tay Morrison – 2nd equal with Point View School (50/60 points)

Aaron Santoso, Caleb Ensil, Alicia Cao – 11th place (41/60 points)

Reserves were Jade Howse, Leana Ferguson, Daniel Bain and John Pieters.

The winning school was Owairoa. We are very proud of our teams for working so hard, supporting each other and achieving fantastic results! It was surprising and exciting when Wesley, Emily and Maia were awarded second place.

Thank you Mrs Bell for empowering us, assisting us when things got hard and working so hard to get the books for us! You are a star!

By Jade Howse



Congratulations to Luke McLaughlin and Noah Hillerby who represented Pakuranga athletics club at the Auckland Grande Pre series in Long Bay on Saturday 22 June. 
They both ran really well but most importantly look how much fun they had.   Well done!



School Holiday  –  Gym Training

Parents can book in through Howick Gymnastics under ‘programmes’.


KELLY SPORTS   …    Book online